Dark Seduction (The Kategan Alphas, #5) - T.A. Grey This is my favourite of the series so far......Loved it.

Demitri and Christine had me chuckling all the way through.

Their relationship unfolds whilst Demitri, in his role as Justicar and friend of the Katagans, is staying with the pack to hunt the recently escaped (mad as a hatter) evil vampire Claude. Claude holds a grudge against the Katagans.....basically he wants their land to claim as his own as he believes the extra land will ensure the fertility of his own vampire clan....see definitely not all there!!!!

Demitri Demidov is a very gorgeous, serious, controlling, narcissistic, egotistical charmer......did I mention gorgeous?!! Well Christine is the total opposite, she is carefree, unaffected, funny, quirky and finds Demitri endearing and cute!!!! He however is bemused and unaccustomed by her nonchalant behavior and no nonsense full on passion and.......oh do those sparks fly!!

I am so gutted now I have finished this book as I have read on T.A Grey's Facebook Page that the next installment (Tempting Whispers #6) will be the last......:(

Hoping it will be Brayden and Vanessa in June/July????

I Have loved this series, will start on the Bellum Sisters next:)