Enemy Mine (Alpha and Omega Series, #2)

Enemy Mine (Alpha and Omega Series, #2) - Aline Hunter I. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED this book.

I loved how Enemy Mine was not solely focused on the main characters. Emory and Mary. But incorporates the secondary characters to be developed for their own books at a later date. So you feel like you have already met......had the introductions.......said 'hello'......and had a bit of conversation, just to whet our appetites. Suddenly feeling very hungry!!!

There is still plenty of action and lovin.....Oh Aline you cetainly know how to portray those hotter than hot Alpha males.

From the last book Mary develops from an innocent young girl into a feisty young lady all as a result of the evil dealt her by her family (those nasty shepherds). Emory's consideration, concern and love for Mary was endearing throughout with the words and story flowing seamlessly between the Shifters and the Shepherds......coming to a conclusion all too soon!!! Which brings me to my only gripe;

I want MORE......now!! Not that I'm greedy or anything but how long till the next book? Trey and Sadie?........now that is one explosive match...how exciting.

My most intriguing character is Kinsley......can't wait to see where you are going with him....personally, i'd take him anywhere!!!

Great book, Great series:)