Silvers Alpha (Silvers, #1) - Samantha Bates,  Nicki Taylor This is a great book.

Loved the relationship between the two main characters Ben and Lucky, and the way it developed through out the book.

I was going to deducted a star because the editing really does need looking at again. But I enjoyed the book so much, I read it in one sitting, getting annoyed with anyone disturbing me for mundane things like food!!!

It is a real pick and mix of paranormal beings, exciting with kick ass action, romance(hot), humor and a few baddies thrown in too. The characters are interesting and rounded, so much so you just want to get to know them all a little bit more. I look forward to Nicky's tale next and most definitely look forward to Theo in the third installment.

I will be downloading the next issue post haste.

If you like all of the above, don't hesitate this is a good book.