Starry Knight - T.A. Webb 5+++++ STARS for what has been a Beautiful, Powerful, Intense, heartbreaking, heartwarming, hot as hell EXCELLENT series!!!

When I read a book from Tom Webb, I always feel there is an underlying element of the man himself that comes through, a warmth and flow that connects it all together and brings his words to life and Starry Knight is no different, it is another excellent book from the master of emotions that left me grabbing for the tissues at the end.

Starry Knight 9

I have been super excited to read this last book in the City Knight Trilogy and I have been beside myself with the excitement and anticipation, but at the same time sad, as this is the last one and I don’t really want to let these two characters that have found a place in my heart go.

Way back on February 14th of this year, by chance during my search for new releases, I stumbled on City Knight by T.A. Webb. Not an author I was familiar with but the blurb piqued my interest, so, as you do, I one clicked and commenced reading. A few pages in and I just knew I was going to love the book... but not only that, I had also found an author that I loved, who could completely suck me into the story and take me on a journey with his words alone, an author with immense talent and one that evoked a kaleidoscope of emotions through his writing.

I fell in love with Tom Webb that day and I just wanted to shout from the highest mountain, just how wonderful his writing is and tell everyone how fabulous the start to the City Knight series is. I am still waxing lyrical about Toms talent to any and all that will listen, and over the last few months as I have grown to know him, hand on heart I can tell you he is also a genuinely nice guy with a big heart.

In the previous two books in the series they were pretty action packed and intense, and had you constantly on the edge of your seat wondering where Mr Webb would take us next, but Starry Knight is completely different and we see a tentative relationship that had been based on very shaky foundations, with both men hesitant and a little afraid of what the future held for them, collect the shattered pieces, and together with the love they have for each other, they begin to heal the fragmented parts of their lives and no longer feel so lost and alone.

After the event from the last book we find Ben in a vigil by the side of Marcus’s hospital bed… willing him to stay alive and praying he will wake up. Having been shot and almost dying gave Marcus a whole new perspective on life… he did some soul searching, realising how his self imposed isolation since Jeremy’s death had hurt the friends who had been like brothers to him, family… the men that had his back no matter the issue, shunning all those who loved him the most, as they were a constant reminder of what he no longer had. Now with Ben in his life he had a reason to live, a purpose and we see Marcus open his heart, not only to Ben but also his friends for the the pain he had caused them through his grief, and he wanted to grab hold of it all and never let go again. The importance of friendship is prevalent in this last book and we again see the crossover of characters from the Pulp Friction series… and what a cast of characters they are, the banter and snarky humour had me laughing out loud… with our young Benjamin also coming out of his shell and joining in.

Starry Knight 7

The love between Marcus and Ben is totally selfless, they are secure enough in their feelings for each other not to be insecure or intimidated by their pasts… and it was quite beautiful to finally see these two at ease and despite the high octane start to the relationship they are finally completely comfortable with each other and what the future holds for them as a couple… and the ending… Oh. My. God… it was the perfect ending to what has been a truly wonderful series and I am hoping Tom will bring us more from these two adorable characters…. “With you it will never be the end” I am hoping that’s true……  Pleeeaaassee!!!!

We have the lovely Tom Webb with us over on our blog tomorrow... with an Interview and a Giveaway, WooHoo!!! my fangirl is dancing round the room!!!

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