The Caveman and the Devil - Chris T. Kat The beginning of this novella is all about an argument, well, really a strop on Paul's part… but that soon turns into a whole lot of make up sex! Throw in some cute lion cubs and you have an enjoyable novella that will have you laughing out loud!

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The book is told from Paul’s point of view and when we first meet him he is one very pissed off boyfriend and poor Noah is bearing the brunt of it. However he is so busy trying to look after two very wayward lion cubs to pay too much attention and apparently seems oblivious to Paul’s tantrum which of course makes Paul even more bad tempered. Initially as readers, we are as clueless as Noah as to why Paul is having such a rant, but is soon becomes apparent that his feelings of trepidation were of course warranted when we discover what happened.

Noah had having seen the lion cubs at risk of being attacked and killed by their mother, had put all thoughts of his own safety aside and run into the enclosure before it had been secured to save the two remaining cubs, an irresponsible thing to do as it was not only his life he had put in danger, but also his job.

This is a very funny, hot and sexy plus cute novella and the love between these two characters is undeniable and perfectly described by Chris T Kat. We don’t glean an awful lot of background on Paul and Noah, as this is really a snippet in time, so I am not sure of their ages but from their voices I would surmise Paul is an older man bigger and more mature than Noah… who reminds me of an impetuous, funny and teasing young man, who is just as playful as the lion cubs he so adores. Their pet names Caveman and Devil… so very apt and probably describes them perfectly, there is a vulnerability to Noah and a mischievous streak and a little devil is exactly what he is, which of course brings out the caveman in Paul, all strong and protective with a little dominance thrown in there… Rawrrrr!!!

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