Knightmare - T.A. Webb AMAZING! Just bloody Brilliant! …Tom Webb has delivered another novella that will have you totally engrossed in the action and continues the powerful plot from the first book that will have your emotions spiking, your heart breaking, Oh, and lets not forget… another Cliff Hanger to deal with… and I LOVED IT!!!!

“You are mine. Mine. I won’t let anyone touch you ever again. No one, you hear me? Not Martin, not any fucking man. No more, Benjamin. Are we clear? Do you understand me? No more!”

The world was quiet and everything was right and peaceful, and his last thought before he allowed sleep to claim him was Mine. His.

This book starts off where the other one finished and it is yet another powerfully compelling read from Tom Webb. I could sit and wax lyrical for hours over Mr. Webb’s writing… he stole my heart with the first book in this series and every one of his books I have read since and continues to hold it hostage with Knightmare. I still can’t believe he can pack so much emotional intensity into a novella, the plot is riveting and you are swept along on a rapid ride, holding on for dear life and above all praying that these two men that had found a spark of hope in the arms of one another, where there had previously only been despair… would have some chance at future happiness.

After losing his lover Jeremy to a violent crime, Marcus thought he would never love again, but Ben had awoken him from the lonely desolate nightmare he had been living in for the last two years, making him feel alive again rather than the numb existence that had consumed him… so he was going to have to push the fear and panic that was all encompassing and focus on finding his Benjamin.

Marcus bled inside, every minute was one more where he could imagine the worst. Ben alone and crying for him - someone, anyone—to take him away from the nightmare he’d been fighting for four long years.

Ben is a broken and lost boy the attack on him four years earlier had left him scarred but not the kind you could see, no, these scars are so deeply embedded within his psych that he felt they would never heal… he felt dirty and used and certainly not worthy of being loved by a man like Marcus, and now Martin and Farr had been released from prison he would never be free of the constant fear and pain.

How could anyone love damaged goods? Couldn’t Marcus see how ugly he was?

With this being a trilogy I have played every scenario in my head of how this book would transpire but what happened wasn’t what I expected… I have so much invested in these two characters, they break my heart and the love between them is so incredibly fragile, what they needed was time to explore their relationship, both of them had only just opened their hearts for the first time in years and the release of the two men who attacked Ben had stolen that small amount of hope that was being nurtured by Marcus… and now doubt and uncertainty had crept in and was taking hold of Ben.

Love has to be shared and earned and re-learned every day. It can’t be taken for granted, and while it can be as strong as steel, it can also be as fragile as the finest bone china.

Tom Webb certainly knows how to write a love scene, cause let me tell you this one was so beautiful, the passion and sensuality was intense and full of raw emotion, I was welling up. It was almost as though Marcus wanted Ben to See and Feel how much he was loved, desperately trying to sear it into his soul lest he should forget that he would rather die than lose him. Nothing else existed in that moment but the two of them and they completed each other in a way neither thought they could ever feel again.

He wanted to feel. To have his heart unclench and know what love felt like. Wanted to feel warmth in his chest, arms around him at night and kisses on the back of his neck. He wanted to not feel scared and alone, and have someone to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and help him put them back together again. He wanted to have someone who cared if he was running late because he stopped at the library and got lost in a book. Wanted someone to laugh with and cry with and grow old together.

If you haven’t read City Knight #1, it is a MUST READ and this second instalment is just as good and leaves me chomping at the bit for the last book in the trilogy, the writing as always from Tom is just amazing, the characters are totally three dimensional and live in my mind in full colour HD… yep even those yummy sex scenes are vivid in My imagination!?! We get to meet some of the characters from the other novellas by Pulp Friction, Archer, Zach and Jeremiah I am familiar with from Triple Heat… and I am going to spend my weekend catching up on all of the novellas so far released. WooHoo!


So… Yes, you have guessed right, I couldn’t put the book down and in fact I read it twice I was in such a rush the first time, the second time was to sit and enjoy the beautiful prose and revel in my excitement of catching up with Marcus and Ben and also for it to sink in... that just when you think things might be going in the right direction we have another O.M.G…. Noooooo!!!!!!! 

That ending…GRRR it’s a good job I heart you Tom!

To be continued!!!!!

*Note to self: Make sure tissues are handy when reading a book by T.A. Webb, wiping snotty tears on a sleeve because you can’t put a book down is SooOoo unattractive!!!

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