Don't... - Jack L. Pyke Just FUCKING PEACHY!!

What an amazing and talented Author! ...Jack L Pyke is a new Author, that will not only be an auto-buy but I will be salivating in anticipation of her next piece of work. This is going straight on the shelf where I keep my most treasured reads, those that demand 5+ Stars… EXCELLENT!!...


Jack Pyke keeps us constantly on a knifes edge, there is not a moment of complacency in this book, I was captivated and engrossed! We are led down a tortuous path where nothing is predictable, it is complex and intriguing, total edge of the seat stuff, that for the most part will have you shouting WTF!!! There is a clever use of dialogue and characters points of view to create an illusion where you think you know what’s going on, when really you haven't got a clue! It is a total MIND FUCK… and that is where this is truly brilliant. As things slowly start to unravel and we get a more of an in depth look at Jack, the layers are slowly peeled away revealing his damaged and flawed psyche and just how those complexities and his illness is contained, with the release, controlled and manipulated by the very illusive and enigmatic Gray.

I was consumed by the amazing character development, with Jack being pivotal to this tale and the story revolving around him with our other two MC’s Jan and Gray both playing their part. Jack is a very complex character with a chequered past, he has his own business and trains youngsters in Karate, which all gives him a sense of purpose and he takes his responsibilities seriously. When he meets Jan, for the first time he meets someone he might actually want to have a relationship with, someone who has no connection to the BDSM circle he is so entwined within.

Jan is in finance and works in the city, his only experience in relationships was being the bit on the side for 10 years to a man who was unable to face his sexuality. These two are immediately attracted to each other and the chemistry between them was sizzling. Jan is a very sweet soul with a gentle nature and the Jack that he is attracted to is confident, hard on the outside but loving and affectionate on the inside, a joker, quick to laugh who is loved and respected by his employees. Yet there is another side to Jack and this man he is not sure he even wants to know!

This man is at the whim of our Master Dom, Gray Raoul, he manipulates and controls proceedings from the sidelines, stoically commanding every appearance he makes, oozing power, he is the epitome of a Master Dom ~ very dark and very fucking dangerous!!

The POV’s are alternated between Jack and Jan and the character development was excruciatingly drip fed, leaving me open mouthed like a baby bird wanting more. Jack, I just loved, a lost soul who’s vulnerability left my heart breaking. Gray on the other hand I spent most of the time shouting expletives that could fill a page, I really disliked him initially and found him very confusing, a Master Dom who gets it so wrong! His error in judgement the misunderstandings and lack of communication and not forgetting the green eyed monster that also rears it’s ugly head, all compounded my frustration and anger revolving around Gray. Jan is just naive and it is his ignorance that left me swearing at him, the whole thing left my blood boiling and my adrenaline levels spiking and… I LOVED it!!

This book is just Brilliant! It’s deeply intense, raw, dark, erotic… a psychological suspense thriller that will have you biting your finger nails and turning to the bottle. This is an all nighter. Ha… don’t think you can put it down. Well, maybe while you jump up and down shouting obscenities at fictional characters as though they were in the same room! and yes, I am sleep depraved and possibly slightly neurotic… But, Shite! This book is good! There is always a provocative undercurrent of desire and lust, it is sexually charged and the potency is dizzying. It is not as dark as some I might read, but If you are a lover of the darker side of fiction this book is for you.

Don’t, was recommended to me by a couple of my friends who know exactly the kind of books I like to read. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! So I bought it downloaded and proceeded into the world of Jack Harrison. It has been a voyage of discovery borne of ignorance as I had no idea what it was about or what to expect, it is for this reason I have not gone into any detail as not knowing will give the most impact and enjoyment.

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