City Knight: Working It - T.A. Webb Just Fucking Amazing, Heart poundingly good, full of angst and action, powerful, compelling, totally engrossed and damn hot in the bedroom… and this is only the first in the Trilogy! Mr Webb I heart you and I want more NOW!!!!!!

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Sometimes you come across a book and the power of it just excites you so much you want to jump up and down and shout to the world READ THIS BOOK!!!!!. This is a short read and the intensity of it was mind blowing, the writing… Un-fucking believable! and do you want to know why? well I picked it up and started reading, I think I held my breath throughout the whole 50 pages… the tension was palpable! the POV’s are constantly flip flopping between the MC’s which keeps the action moving and the emotion was all consuming! For me, a 5 star read is a book that makes me feel some emotion at either end of the spectrum and everything in between, it means I have connected with the characters and I am invested in them, my passion for them becomes fierce as I want to jump in and make things right, whether with a big hug or when I get so cross I want to do some serious damage… and this has it ALL in spades!!

Sometimes when you come across such an amazing author, you just have to stop and think how can they create vivid imagery and evoke such emotions with their words alone, I call that genius and I have a few favourite authors that can do just that and now Mr Webb you are amongst them… I LOVED THIS book!

I really don’t want to go into to much detail with this review, as we learn about our characters as the layers are slowly stripped away and the information is drip fed keeping us riveted to the action and the pages turning and the synopsis tells you all you need to know to start with, without giving too much away. However…

Ben and Marcus are both two damaged, lost and lonely souls, existing rather than living with harrowing nightmares from their past haunting them, each consumed by their pain on a daily basis. When they meet, they easily recognise the deep sorrow buried and hidden behind their individual personas and the connection between them was instant… for a little while at least those bad memories were pushed into the background, and as the ice that so guarded their hearts begins to melt their vulnerability and their circumstances could only lead to more heartache, but in each other they have hope and the desolate loneliness of the past is not somewhere either of them wants to return to. There was such raw emotion, intensity and passion between them my stomach was in a constant knot and my heart was hurting, never mind the fact that I was almost turning blue through lack of oxygen!

This is another one of those books I purchased on a whim and I am so very glad I did it is however the first in a trilogy and I have to tell you at the end of this book you will be shouting and screaming WTF… NO!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes it is one mother of all cliff-hangers! Personally, I am a masochist and I just love the adrenaline of a cliff-hanger and I would not have missed reading this for the World, as it truly is an amazing read for such a short book.

I have nothing more to say other than READ THIS BOOK!!!

Series order ~

City Nights #1 ~ Working it
City Nights #2 ~ Knightmare ~ Release 15th April
City Nights #3 ~ Starry Knight ~ Release 15th June

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