Blood Red Butterfly - Josh Lanyon Beautiful Cover, but I just wasn’t feeling the characters…

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I was first attracted to this book a few weeks back when the cover was revealed on Facebook, and reading the blub my interest was piqued. I am not a Josh Lanyon aficionado like some other readers, but I do like a good crime thriller and romance combined with plenty of action in and out of the bedroom. Blood Red Butterfly starts out really well and I was engrossed in the investigation the suspect Micky Torres, his Alibi Kai Tashiro and of course the Homicide Detective Ryo Miller.

Ryo is unable to contain his frustration when all his instincts were telling him that Torres murdered the 70 year old Esther Martinez, a heinous crime, he is convinced was committed in revenge. Yet out of the blue Torres now has an alibi, a 24 year old femme dude, Kai Toshiro, someone he is familiar with only because his advances had been rejected on more than one occasion in the gay bar Fubar, giving Kai the nickname Ice Princess for his cold and aloof nature.The fact that he was giving Torres a convicted murderer and a suspect in the killing an alibi was only compounding his frustration even more, and he can’t quite understand what Torres has that he doesn’t!

Because of his conviction he wants to believe that the alibi is bogus yet his cops instinct tells him Kai is being truthful? but he is determined to prove otherwise!?! So he believes he is telling the truth but still believes Torres to be the murderer. A night at Fubar and his powers of persuasion get him a night with Kai, and this is where it falls apart for me, and gets very clouded and confusing as I felt it was no longer about the investigation but more about his ego. As a cop he makes some very bizarre decisions and his relationship with Kai to me was cold, lacking in passion and I wasn’t feeling any connection between them, the whole thing was impersonal! Kai is very angry and pissed off with the World and lives up to the name of Ice Princess, and what they have together was an extremely volatile relationship grounded on nothing! yet Ryo wants to give up everything for this man the second time they get together?

It took to reach the end of the book and sometime later for me to actually feel a connection with the characters,something I wanted much earlier on, and really it was just a conversation and an explanation of all the fuck ups, misunderstandings, and what had really been going on. But unfortunately it was all too late for me. I haven’t yet read a book from Mr Lanyon that I truly loved, it has nothing to do with his writing as I love the style so perhaps I really need to read one of his more popular books to experience him as others do.

I am sure other readers will love this and again, his writing is excellent but I was just unable to connect with the characters, I will not yet give up on Mr Lanyon but on this occasion, sorry, I just wasn’t feeling it!

So for the cover, writing, the beginning and the ending I give this 3 stars.

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