Country Mouse - Amy Lane, Aleksandr Voinov Fabulous read, written by two amazing authors and had me  gripped from the start!

Country Mouse 2

City Mouse is being released on the 18th March… so I thought I had best get a wriggle on and read this one first, and with it being written by two authors I love, it really was no hardship! I loved both the MC’s, they were very believable characters that I actually cared about, brought to life and delivered by the amazing writing skills of Mr Voinov and Ms Lane, their words just flowed seamlessly combining their talent to bring us this little gem…

Whilst on holiday in London with his ex girlfriend who ditches him on a promise, Owen  finds himself in a dingy backstreet pub that has definitely seen better days. He catches the attention of a stranger, Malcolm Kavanvagh, totally out of place in his expensive suit with his air of authority, and a highflyer in the city if his appearance was anything to go by and an arrogant, cocky SOB if his personality were also under scrutiny! Malcolm was there to hook up with a sub, no niceties about it just someone to take what he had to offer and then go. There was nothing pleasant about Malcolm and when his sub failed to turn up, it was almost as though he looked at Owen, and thought “oh, you’ll do” Owen with nothing better planned and a little inquisitive as to where this was going decided to tag along, he was under no illusions that it was anything more than just a random pick up and Malcolm would just be his fuck buddy for the night.

Owen wonders if there isn't more to this obnoxious, brash and rude man, a side that he hasn’t perhaps allowed others to explore, did this big bad Dom really have a soft centre? was it all a persona? a vision he portrayed to keep up appearances, something that was expected of him in his high powered city job in the cut throat world of the financial sector. Owen wasn’t feeling it and neither was I and even though Owen liked his Kink, he was way too toppy to be a sub! The whole thing was confusing the hell out of me and I was actually getting scared wondering how these two great authors could possibly get these characters so wrong!

Ha… I should have more faith as the masters weaved their magical words over the pages and our two MC’s have a night of hot, smouldering smexy man loving, followed by a tourist trip around the sights of London, the whole dynamics of the relationship changed.

Owen is the son of a hippy Mother, who had always encouraged him to be open and honest, this gives him a maturity and vision far beyond his 23 years and he see’s past the facade of the big Bad Dom and his heart is warmed by the caring and considerate man hiding beneath. No longer do we see the arrogant, impersonal and clinical prat he was originally! Malcolm had found someone he cared about, and he wanted more from this boy with the free spirit and gentle nature and no longer wanted his lonely existence, consumed by work with no friends or social life to speak of... No, Owen had got under his skin and he wanted more!

When I started this book, Malcolm was a character that I really disliked, I mean he got on my very last nerve, I really wasn't feeling him at all, whereas Owen was just adorable. I didn’t quite see him as the Country Mouse though, because at times he definitely seemed the more worldly wise of the two. However it is a testament to the writing of these two authors that they managed to turn things around, so by the end I was totally smitten… which of course, was what they intended all along!?! Malcolm and Owen's relationship, whilst very hot, also flowed and they comfortably melded together in a perfect balance of what they felt, rather than the labels they were trying to emulate!

A fabulous read and a great collaboration… bring on the 18th March!

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