Stroke Rate - L.M. Somerton What a fabulous tale you weave Ms Somerton… Loved this book!

 Stroke rate

L.M. Somerton is a new author to me and I have to say I just loved her writing, it is comfortable, clean and crisp, a strange analogy I know, but that is how it felt… it just flowed beautifully. Her descriptive prose brought the pages to life and the character development was just Class! Two great characters, one I absolutely adored and the other I was drooling over, both with very distinct and defined personalities, a bashful student and a damn hot Lord of the Manor.

Benedict Astor is a student of English at the University and lives above the boat house of the Okeanos Rowing Club. Ben is not a privileged student and has worked hard to get where he is, working early mornings and late evenings, maintaining, cleaning and just being the all round dogs body at the Rowing Club. In return, he has somewhere to live and is also able to take advantage of the facilities.

Ben is a loner, not that he has any time for socialising between his work and studies! and he is also painfully shy, ducking his head to avoid any kind eye contact, making him completely oblivious to others around him, finding solace only in the mornings before the arrival of the hoards when he goes out in a boat and loses himself in the serenity and peace of the water in the early morning mist.

He gently flipped the small smooth pebble that he had been turning over in his hand into the water. The resulting ripples caught the light reflected from the window of the building behind him. A slight smile flickered across his soft lips as he mused on the consequences that one small action could invoke. He sighed and turned away from the water. It had been a while since anything – or anyone – had created ripples in the monotony of his life.


So as Ben dreams of escaping the monotony of his existence locked away in the solitude of his own little world Lucien Thorne otherwise known as Lord Thorne of Kearing, rowing aristocracy with Olympic and World Gold Medals to his name, is patiently learning all there is to know about this beautiful boy. He is intrigued with Ben's submissive nature which calls out to the darkly delicious, sinister and brooding Dom who is the epitome of an Alpha male… with everything from his walk to his narrowed glare, his presence exudes power and demands attention, unlike Ben who is happy to shrink into himself and avoid all conversations and people.

Ben is conflicted… Lucien just oozes power and sexuality that was calling to Ben and he was unable to resist, he feels humiliated and is cross with himself for giving into him without a fight and yet at the same time his body is betraying him. Oh… he wanted Lucien and he wanted him with every fibre of his being and his body just hummed with excitement at just being near him, he somehow felt compelled and enthralled by Lucien, wanting to please him but unable to answer his own question as to Why?

I loved the dynamics of this relationship, Lucien has such a commanding presence and Ben is so shy, quiet and unassuming, yet together they grow and their relationship develops and as the story progresses we see Ben’s confidence emerge, even giving a little attitude that is of course duly punished! And with Lucien we see the hard cold exterior he shows to the world slowly melt by the soft sweet nature of his sub. There is an undercurrent of sizzling sexual tension throughout this book and the chemistry between the characters is off the charts sexy and we see some excruciatingly intense kinky fuckery! OMG… Lucien had my tummy fluttering and heart pounding and I too wanted to drop to my knees, he is one very hot and sexy Dom and together with Ben's submissive nature the scenes were erotically charged and passionate, in other words they were shit hot in the bedroom!

Although this is mainly character driven it does revolve around a plot to save the Rowing Club after the President of the Club loses it in a bet. Sebastian Cooke is a first class Dick!! Married but lusting after Ben, firmly locked in the closet but takes his frustrations out on the object of his desire… basically treating him like shite! As you can imagine this doesn’t go down well with Lucien, but they put their differences aside in an attempt to save the Club. There is also the humiliating auction of promises, he is volunteered for by Seb that turns out better than expected and we also see the softer side of Lucien when we are introduced to his Sister and her family including two Nephews that he adores.

This book was a surprise to me, I picked it up on a whim and to be honest I wasn’t really expecting much… BUT. I was so wrong. I was totally hooked from the first page I didn’t stop till it was finished, I am suitably impressed by L.M. Somerton and her writing is just wonderful, I will definitely be picking up more of her books. I did have a couple of quibbles, for me the ending was a little weak and rushed and I don’t usually mind insta-love but I was so enjoying the intensity of Lucien's pursuit of Ben I would have liked more. In other words for me it would have benefited from being a bit longer and elaborated on. That aside it was excellent and would have been a 5 star read.

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