Gambling On Maybe - Fae Sutherland This is a fun, short and very sexy read from Fae Sutherland and I loved it...

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Zach our fabulously dazzling Twink and Stevie the shy retiring Police Officer are both great characters and Ms Sutherland manages to keep us smiling right to the end with this most unlikely pairing, you just can’t help but adore them both.

Sergeant Stephen Miranda, after breaking up a disturbance outside one of the clubs on The Strip in downtown Pheonix is left shocked and speechless when a young man dressed in a mesh top, pleather shorts and knee length platform boots plonks himself in the passenger seat of his patrol car… and demands a lift home! Apparently the drag queen and the boyfriend he had just chased off were the boys ride home!?! For some reason he wasn’t even sure of, he agrees to give the cheeky, overconfident, full of attitude boy a lift home! I say boy, his name is Zach and he was actually 26 but barely looked legal and I suppose to Stevie at 38 he probably did look like a boy!

Zach flaunted his more than confident, glittery personality through his clothes and attitude, a larger than life character that wasn’t about to apologise to anyone for his appearance or sexuality. I just loved Zach, he was hilarious and knows he creates a buzz and attracts attention which only goes to feed his flamboyant nature further.

Stephen, or Stevie as Zach had taken to calling him is totally gob smacked at his blatant audacity. Stevie is firmly locked in the closet, a sad and lonely figure, which is something the astute Zach recognises in him and duly plans and schemes to get his Officer Hotness into his apartment and into his bed!

Zach spotted his Officer Hotness standing by a desk with his back to Zach and, ugh, his aura just spoke of not nearly enough shiny people sharing their happy with him. Well, that was about to change!

There is absolutely NO filter attached to Zach’s mouth or his larger than life personality and Stevie was attracted to him and as much as he tried to deny himself he was unable to resist the cute pretty boy Twink with mascaraed brown eyes and lots of sparkle!

There is a follow up to this book in the Games Boys Play (GlitterBomb! #2) which continues the story of these two characters… I am off to read that one now!

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