The Flesh Cartel #2: Auction (The Flesh Cartel Season 1: Damnation) - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau This book is Excellent... And. So. Fucked. Up! Yet it is compelling, edge of the seat stuff that you are unable to put down. It will have you in tears, angry and frustrated at the injustice of it all and will leave you in turmoil, without any coherent brain activity for some time after...


It hits you hard and fast - there is no reprieve, no time for quiet contemplation, the intensity of the story so overwhelming it hurts... It is both terrifying and disturbing to see Matt and Dougie suffer the atrocities they endure at the hands of sadistic fuckers who take pleasure in their pain and humiliation. I want to close my eyes, I don't want to see their torture, I don't want to feel their pain... But the visions are in my head so I am compelled to keep reading!

Why... would I put myself through this? Why would I even want to read a book that upsets me to the point of tears? Why?... I love Dougie and Matt, I am so invested in them as characters they have become a part of the madness that is an excuse for my mind! They have found a place in my heart and have stayed with me to the point where I was anxious as to where the authors would take them! Their lives and future scenarios in my own mind were nightmare material... but what hit me whilst reading was far worse!

I WANT someone, anyone, with an ounce of humanity to help them and above all I want good to prevail before it's too late to save them - before they have destroyed what remains of their damaged Psych and their broken souls - Before their weeping hearts and the profound love they have for each other is nothing more than a memory... How long can they hold onto their sanity before it is lost forever?

This book starts off where the previous one finished. More torture, pain, humiliation and more rape being inflicted on Matt and Dougie with only their love holding them together, the hope that as long as the have each other they can make it, is so emotionally intense, it is heartbreaking.

Being placed in cells next to each other only gives them some peace, but also compounds the abuse for Matt and Dougie... there is no reprieve for them, they are in a constant state of fear, tormented and alert to every sound, dreading the key in the lock or any indication that it will begin all over again - having to not only endure it - but knowing that the other brother is all too aware of what is going on and is powerless to help!

The Guards and The Madame are totally desensitized, as though it were normal behaviour to treat human beings with so much contempt and cruelty! Dehumanising them treating them worse than animals... they are just numbers!... just holes!... and they are more than happy to fill these holes at every opportunity!

We did get another glimpse of Nikolai Petrovic... it seems that he is desperate to purchase the brothers at auction, I am now wondering if the man I thought might be their saviour is just more of the same shit!

I truly believe these two authors are not given enough credit for their exceptional writing skills. To evoke so much emotion from a reader is remarkable. They have drawn me in and shown me a world that is disturbing to say the least... but I am hooked... Like the proverbial train wreck I cannot look away!

This series is NOT for everyone, you need to be made of strong stuff to read it, never mind having to go through the emotional trauma of seeing it... Yes, I did say seeing! As the images conveyed with words are disturbingly vivid and harrowing.

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