Reactivated - Caitlin West What a great start to a series... I am already SooOoo invested in this... Loved it!!


I picked this up on a whim, no idea why, except I probably have a thing for Assassins! Mmmmm!?! Anyway, I am so very glad I did as I was totally engrossed and loved it, it’s only short so it wont take long to read but it is so worth it!

This is the first in a series of books which revolve around the two main characters Arden Boyle an Assassin and Brad Myles a Salesman and wannabe Actor. This book is told from Arden’s POV and initially I thought the writing stilted and dispassionate, however a couple of pages in and I realised it was Arden and not the writing! Caitlin West so cleverly, through Arden’s narration and the reticent tone to his voice makes us feel the emptiness within him, he is devoid of emotion, his thought process organised and structured, with years of self inflicted isolation and his training as an assassin to trust no one, and to be invisible so engrained within his psych he no longer knows how to feel. He lives by a set of rules - his code of honour and they are his mantra and the reason he is still alive.

“They were simple. Number one, no civilians. Number two, only people that were outside the law. Number three, never become a butcher. Number four, no personal statements. Number five, be respectful and live within one’s means. Number six, remain distant, close contacts can get you caught or killed”

By chance, at the airport he meets Brad… bring on the sunshine, cause he is the total opposite to Arden! Whereas Brad is friendly and open, Arden is socially awkward and a loner! Brad holds out the hand of friendship to Arden, trusting a complete stranger with no thought to the consequences… which confused the hell out of Arden! as an Assassin he was a killer and trusted no one!

Brads enthusiasm and animation, was infectious and Arden found himself relaxing and actually feeling comfortable in his company, he found he missed him and his brain was unable to compute the alien feelings. Now with a slight glimmer of hope and the faint stirrings of affection, he wanted to grab it, nurture it and cherish it for the gift that it was. Being with Brad, he could let go, finally breath and put his being in the hands of someone else and let all the chains that had constricted him mentally and physically fall free and allow him to truly feel the intimacy of another and embrace the feelings which now overwhelmed him.

Arden due to his background has an innocence and vulnerability about him, for all his being a big bad assassin he has no experience of life… especially in the bedroom! and I found my heart breaking for him… it was like he had been living in the dark all these years and suddenly he could see!

“Everything that I was melted into him, embraced what was happening as surely as if this was the course we had planned on. I returned the kiss, my eyes closed hard as a tear tried to escape. I had been intimate exactly twice in my life and they never felt so engaging, so spiritually right as that moment with Brad”

Brad had shown him something he had never experienced and now he was doubting the whole meaning of his life, no matter how many monsters he eliminated there were always others ready to replace them… it was thankless and endless and apart from the money he had nothing! His soul needed to heal and hopefully Brad would be the one to help it. Arden finally wanted a taste of normal… but the unpredictability of it all was scaring the shit out of him!

This is not just a romance, he is after all an Assassin, so we see some of that and the CIA are in there somewhere too, but for me it was the relationship between the two characters and the prose was just beautiful at times, the sex was HAWT but not crude, I personally would have expected more profanities from these two hot blooded males, but I am a gutter mouth! We are left with a lot of unanswered questions, having said that this is a novella and the first in the series, therefore being the foundation for what is to come. So no doubt the answers will be drip fed over future installment’s. So if you like your books all wrapped up in a package with no lose ends, then this is not for you. If you like to read books which pans out over the course of a series then you will love this as much as I did!

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