The Fireman and the Cop - R.J. Scott UPDATE 18th Jan 2013 ~ I have just found out there are now 6 books planned for this series... WooHoo! I get to camp out on Ellery Mountain for a while to come... just to keep them company of course!!

From the start of this book, I fell in love with our two MC’s... Max a Fireman with a horny hose and Finn a Cop with a wicked weapon!...


Max was a fulltime Fireman in the City, but when his sexuality becomes an issue and not only threatens his own life but the lives of others, he packs up and moves to the sleepy Town of Ellery. On his second day in Town and as a volunteer, he is called to a fire at the Precinct and all his past experience is called upon to save the Cop trapped inside.

Max is built, as in “Built” Tall, blond with blue eyes… and unbeknown to Max he is also Finn’s perfect Fantasy Lover! so when Finn comes on to him in his delirium after being rescued, Max looks into those green eyes and the sparks which arc between them are only the beginnings of the fire that would eventually rage!

Finn is care free and fun loving with a wicked sense of humour, his inner monologue had me grinning from ear to ear, especially when he was around Max and his confidence evaded him leaving him like a nervous teenager and all tongue tied… whilst other parts of his anatomy were definitely untied and rising to the occasion! Max on the other hand is more serious and protective of Finn, wanting nothing more than to wrap him in his arms and keep him safe, something he had to do on more than one occasion!

Neither men had any experience of relationships to speak of, both more used to quick fucks and fumbles, but when these two hotties lusting for each other eventually get together it was HOT, total. unbridled. passion… the intensity of which was something that was new to both of them and they wanted more! Holy Hell… I was feeling the flames coming from these two, I can tell you!

There is the whole insta-love going on, but for me, being a big softy… it worked! and it’s a novella with not only a romance, but along side we also have the investigation into the arson attack on the precinct, which was only the first of many life threatening incidents to hit the Town of Ellery, with Max… the hero on hand to rescue our wayward Cop each time, needless to say, poor Finn spends most of the novella in Hospital with one injury or another with Max at his bedside! I did feel Finn got a little pouty at the end, however I attributed that to his age, but Max soon sorted him out so it was all good!!

The romance and the investigation I felt were perfectly woven together and RJ Scott had me engrossed and unable to put the book down until it was finished… and how happy was I when I checked out her website to find out this is the first in a series of 5 books set in the town of Ellery. The series is set up perfectly in this first book and I for one will be looking forward to the others, It is based around a group of high school friends, all gay who get together on a Friday night and just drink beers, chat and chill. In this book we get an insight into the characters Daniel and Kiernan and get the background behind the meetings… and Oh. My. God... the next book [b:The Teacher and the Soldier|16172241|The Teacher and the Soldier|R.J. Scott||22020069] is about Daniel, *swoon* I am already in love with this tall dark and handsome soldier who is a bad boy, who also rides a motorbike... and if it turns out he has piercing's and tattoos… I am a gonner!!

So read this book if you like sexy Cops and Fireman with some smokin hot Lovin!

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