The Last Bite - Evangeline Anderson This is a novella/short book and I would class it a s a "Gay for you" read. 3 Stars

Demon hunters, Cade and David are in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, on what was supposed to be a routine hunt, tracking Demons. Unfortunately they were unaware that the area was also a nesting place and breeding ground for the hell spawn they were dedicated to eliminating. Stumbling onto the nest, unprepared for what they were facing, David is attacked and bitten and unlike Cade, who is a wolf shifter and therefore immune to the demon bite, David is pure human to whom the poison is fatal.

The story is then told in flashbacks, going back to the day they met, when a scrawny 18 year old kid turns up on his doorstep in answer to an advert he place for an apprentice Demon hunter. Cade has no idea why this idealistic kid from the burbs, all 5ft 7inches of next to nothing would want to hunt demons, but despite his better judgement and his knowledge that David did not have superhuman strength as well as not being immune to the demon bite, his inner wolf was calling and he wanted David in his life. The wolf could sense the good in the boy and Cade wanted him too but was not sure why.

This book is about Demon hunters, so you would think that there would be a bit of action, sadly not, although we are treated to quite a bit of sex for such a short read, and they aren't even Gay! Cade, concerned with David's nightmares after a hunting, invites David to share his bed, where he is able to comfort him and relieve any stress from the hunt, he does this by bringing him to release. In Cade's mind, David is his pack and as Alpha he is responsible for him, wants to nurture and protect what is his. David just adores him and wants to reciprocate but Cade is adamant that his motives are simply to care for and protect him. Confused!.....the wolf gets it, the other two are just a bit slow on the uptake. There wasn't enough time in this book to develop the characters or their relationship, it bordered on dipping into a D/s relationship, David calls him Master and he is eager to please and follow direction, in the bedroom he is Cade's Cub and behaves as a Cub would and submits to his Master, this is where it lacked substance and although it was a sweet relationship I would have liked a bit more story.