I, Omega - Kari Gregg Once upon a time... he was normal! Once upon a time... he was human! Now... he was running from the man who's very being he craved more than life itself!...

This is the second novel I have read from Kari Gregg and I have to say I love her style of writing... she hits you hard and fast, immediately gaining your attention, throwing you into the middle of the action before the details are drip fed slowly, encouraging you to turn the pages for more snippets of information.

As with Collared, I Omega is a very character driven novel and light on the world building, rather like a photograph when the main object is crystal clear and the background blurred drawing your eyes to the focus of the picture, yes it would be nice to see the whole picture but it doesn't detract from the tale.

The focus of this picture is Gabriel... as a human he was a payroll accountant, he had his life well organised and his future all planned... he was also a sub, a pain slut who liked to play in the clubs, but had no interest in a 24/7 relationship.

After being on the run for months, tired and hungry and unable to stomach the only food he was able to catch... Rats! His Master finally tracks him down! He was powerless in his presence, his human wanting to run and his werewolf wanting to submit!

The weeks of anxiety, pain and hiding, living in fear and terror, the weeks of not knowing who or what he was... was immediately calmed just by being in the presence of the shifter that was his Master... Cal. Gabriel wants him, needs him, he is consumed by desire for his Master who had changed him and his only wish now is that he will forgive him for running.

Cal is an Alpha werewolf and a Dom, when he first meets Gabriel he knows who and what he is, recognises the small fragile submissive man as a human Omega... the most precious and cherished of all within the pack, the glue that holds them together, a balancing and calming influence not only on the pack but also the Alpha. Cal knows this and is only too aware that others will also recognise Gabriel for what he is. Cal must bond, mate and collar Gabriel before another Alpha finds him. But first he needs to gain his trust and love before the bond can be completed.

Cal in his own mind recognises Gabriel as his mate, however Gabriel is confused and conflicted... he is angry at Cal for changing him yet at the same time he is consumed with the need to be near him, happy with the comforting sound of his voice or the gentle touch of of his hand and in return Cal lavishes him with love and the slap of his firm hand on his backside... and any other toys that he might like to play with!

Cal is one very HOT Alpha Male... his commanding voice very clear and those dirty whisperings... well they just had me melting into a puddle on the floor! As a Dom, I think he was a little soft on Gabriel but I can understand that as he was just so adorable, just the vision of him wrapping himself around Cal and nuzzling as close as possible just to be near him and draw in the scent of his Master... I just loved it!

However Cal is a flawed, he is not the perfect Dom, he makes mistakes all be it through the love and protection of his mate and in all innocence he felt he was doing right by Gabriel. From the beginning he should have explained what was happening to him, what was expected of him. There were times when Gabriel was confused he had no idea what was going on or why they were doing things to him, he thought it a punishment when in fact it was protection... he was lost and needed an anchor and Cal had left him afloat!

Once again I am impressed by Kari Gregg... her focus in this novella not the world of the shifters or even the background to how they evolved but her focus is the relationship between the two characters, it is short sharp and sweet, intense and compelling... and I was totally engrossed.

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