Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan "My name is Munroe Davies and this is the story of how I found Home"


This story is beautifully and poignantly narrated by Roe - he isn't well educated, but he's smart and doesn't need fancy words to illustrate his emotions and feelings, he's just straight forward and genuine, with no corruption or insincerity. There is only one language for Roe and it is simple honesty in black or white - no grey areas.... his words just broke my heart and made me smile at the innocence of the rendition of his tale.

As readers we see him floundering through life moving from one town to the next, no friends, no attachments and no family... leaving only one night stands in his wake. Roe has been running away for two years - accepting the brand so heavily placed upon him by his family and Pastor - running away from their prayers of salvation and redemption. That is, until he ends up at Nowhere Ranch, which is owned by Travis Loving.

On a night off, his body craving for some action, Roe makes the three hour drive to Rapid City wanting nothing more than some anonymous.. as Roe put it "Fuck me, and leave me" sex! The last person he expected to see in the Gay Bar was his Boss! Niceties out of the way, Travis finds a booth and lays his plans on the table... a weekend of kink with no strings attached - he can see as plain as day - deep in the eyes staring back at him the submissive in Roe and his body is itching to gain control of it! Although Roe was nervous and apprehensive, he likes what he hears and by that point his brain was non functioning unlike other parts of his body that were screaming for attention... all thoughts of panic gone and lust fully engaged. The dirty whisperings and under the table action was enough to over heat my kindle! and Roe was loving it. His inner whore and slut taking over - he was aroused by the attention they were getting in the bar, nasty and raunchy, just how he liked it...

Roe however is a contradiction, yes it may be a huge turn on for him but really he is just behaving like the abomination he is accused of being, proving his family right. Inside Roe is lonely, scared to love or be loved as though he is not worthy of the affection. Distancing himself from any kind of relationship and ashamed and humiliated by his past. Travis haunted by his own past, is understanding of Roe's nature to want to run, so he gives him space, never forcing, always patiently waiting for Roe.

This relationship takes place over a few months and along the way we have a few problems with communication which inevitably leads to misunderstandings with a family feud and argument... Ohhh and lots of kinky BDSM sex to top it off! Roe is constantly in fear of any attachments, although there ends up being quite a cast of characters which endear themselves to him, in particular... Haley! At first I really, really did not like her, her exuberance was wearing me out never mind Roe! but as it turned out she was quite the force to be reckoned with and I ended up loving her.

There was a pivotal moment in their romance and how that particular sexual act on Roe made me both smile and cringe at the same time, can only be down to Roe's narration of it. In that moment his unbinding trust of Travis was profound, earned and received and to Travis it was a gift! All I can say is that, the research on this sexual practice and to actually be in Roe's mind whist in the throes of passion during it... must have been pretty impressive!

This is a HEA and the epilogue at the end had me bawling like a baby... I love Heidi Cullinans writing, I really believed this story from Roe, she gave him a voice so pure and innocent, wanting only to belong, to have a home and she gave that to him along with a man who's love was so complete I was moved to tears.

4 Stars

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