The Druid Stone - Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane Amazing....This book is complex, intriguing, fascinating and compelling. It is an epic adventure and reminds me of a dark Indie Fantasy Movie on a high end Hollywood budget. Breathtaking in detail and colour with an underbelly of darkness, murky in it's depth...


This book opens on a nightmare....a nightmare of torture, violent and brutal. It is a curse, laid on Sean by his Grandfather and for the past year he has endured this nightly mental assault on his senses. He feels everything, the pain is unbearable and even a combination of drugs are unable to keep the nightmares at bay.

Sean is of Irish/Cuban descent, his father Irish and Mother Cuban....he has inherited her looks, tall, dark and handsome, with a dark complexion and hazel eyes. She died when he was 10 and left a gaping hole in his heart for the love and beauty she no longer brought to the world. Sean's Father was a drunk and by the age of 15 he had left home and was living on the streets, begging and prostitution his living, heroine his only friend. At this lowest point in his life, he turns to his mothers sister, his aunt for help and with her love and support his life is turned around. That is until he was cursed.....

The only man that can help Sean is Cormac. A Druid, living in Ireland...only he snubs and dismisses him at every contact. Cormac has a preconceived notion that all Irish/Americans are high on the tales bestowed by their Irish ancestors. Cormac is patriotic and comes from a long line of druids, where his knowledge of all things Sidhe and magical are an intristic to the fabric of the land and it people. There are still those who have not yet become sceptics and believe in the old ways and the magic of Ireland.

Sean is desperate and despairing. With his sanity in the balance, he gets on a plane, hoping a face to face with this Druid will convince him Sean needs his help. Help that only Cormac is able to give him. Sean turning up on Cormac's doorstep compounds the notion that he is one of "those" deluded American....Irish wannabe's with ideas of a magical past connection to Ireland. Just another bloody Sidhe chasing tourist!

Their quest to find the cure for the curse is born of desperation for Sean and guilt for Cormac. Guilt for not believing Sean. Guilt for not seeing the depths of despair in Sean's eyes and another level of guilt because somehow Cormac feels this is all his doing. There is an uneasy truce on this journey they take together, neither quite trusting the other, but both resolute in finding the answers no matter the danger and uncertainty involved.....

The combination of these two authors in their writing is something not to be missed. It is not a book that can be skimmed, concentration is a must as missing any part of this descriptive writing would be a travesty. Through their illustrative prose you see the brilliance and splendour of the Irish hills and valleys, the green fields and foliage, blue skies and rainbows, glimmering sunshine and morning dew.....a sheer Kaleidoscope of colour. But this is a magical place with long forgotten languages and folk law, so there is also darkness and the horror, blood and death, evil lords are warring, marauding Norsemen armies pillage and rape and where slaves are tortured and killing is mindless.

Amongst all this action and adventure our two MC's are drawn together, both of them seeing past their initial prejudices to something much deeper and intense.. Cormac with his clear blue eyes and blond wavy hair is all alpha in fan, mister, cold shower, dirty talking HOT alpha male! he is also very charming and funny. Sean is uncertain of his sexuality, as his earlier experiences with men involved prostitution, but he desires Cormac, Cormac is like no other before.

Cormac is drawn to Sean, his easy laugh and resilient sense of humour, he wears his heart on his sleeve and all emotion so expressively displayed on his face. He feels such deep emotion for Sean....but he will wait. Think I might be in love with Cormac!!!

There is also a lot of humour in this book and Cormac's typical Irish family are right in the middle of it.....I particularly liked how they embraced and welcomed Sean, Sean from America!...into the family, as if one of their own. There are a plethora of amazing characters, human and sidhe alike, evil and good. This is not a book to be missed, if you like being transported to another world, long forgotten, full of fantasy and magic of both the good and the bad kind.

There is a novella preceeding this book [b:Cruce de Caminos|13579175|Cruce de Caminos|Heidi Belleau||19163211] it gives us an insight to Sean's earlier life on the streets.

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