After the Crux - Dani Worth Post Apocalyptic Novella with an erotic menage relationship. Loved it...What a great start to a new series!


For a novella and the first in the series, Dani Worth balances the world building, character development and romance perfectly - throwing a little action and humour in along the way, it is not pretty, it's dangerous and they are constantly on a knifes edge, their lives and home could so easily be destroyed by one small mistake or bad decision. I liked how they all had a place within the family and we learnt the 'hows' and 'whys' of what brought them all together, it left me wanting to know more - to know where this story was going to take me next.

We arrive in this Post Apocalyptic World 17 years after the Crux virus has taken out most of the Worlds population. What is left are towns and cities devastated by neglect, with subsequent looting and damage caused by survivors with no thought for what remained of mankind - It was a kill or be killed situation for most, with many preferring to take their own lives, than live in what had now become an existence with no hope. The virus had not only destroyed the population but had taken humanity in its wake.

Ross at the age of 14 finds two 9 year olds, Darian and Jenna, sick, starving, frightened and all alone living in a basement. His instinct to protect these two vulnerable children is the start of their journey, spending years evading danger and death, finding others also lost to the devastation along the way, they eventually, as a family, find a place to call home.

When we first meet Ross my heart was breaking for him - Selflessly he has poured all of his love into making a home and a family, where there was previously no hope! and now after years of hoping that HE would find a woman to share his heart with, he has resigned himself to the fact that he will forever be alone, with the Crux virus being more virulent amongst women, there are very few and any that have survived are usually brutalized and raped!

Darian and Jenna, who are now a couple and Ross, their hearts so emotionally bound, their love for each other never in question. But Ross was their protector and when he began to see the two people he loved more than anything in the world with desire and need, his conscience and sense of responsibility threw up a wall he was not prepared to cross. Darian and Jenna on the other hand have a different idea, and they are going to find it hard to convince this honourable man they both love, that his place is really with them.

The camaraderie and humour that follows their seduction and the effect it had on the family as a whole left me chuckling on more than one occasion - and the m-m-f sex and relationship was WOW ~ HOT!! His virgin status was well and truly vanquished! This part of the relationship was wonderfully executed from my point of view as an m-m reader. The focus of the relationship was not Jenna, but Ross. So there is some hot and heavy action between Ross and Darian as well as all Jenna.

This book finished at 87% and I have to say I was a little disappointed....I wanted more! It is however left perfectly to follow on to the next book, I for one can't wait.

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