A Werewolf's Soldier - Kayley Scott I really wanted to like this book, after reading the synopsis it ticked so many boxes. I really hate being negative about books because an author will pour themselves and all their blood sweat an tears into a book to entertain us readers.

So I will try to be objective in the criteria I was looking for in this book;

First in series - the first book can be difficult, you can either overload the reader with to much information and world building, or not enough and the reader is left with questions unanswered. In this case there was not enough information, some things were mentioned and touched on but not elaborated on or explained, it would have been better as a novel perhaps?!! I am hoping that more information will be forthcoming in the later books.

Soldiers - Yes, yes, yes....Josh was one big bad ass, butt kicking, alpha sergeant, heading a recon mission deployed in Afghanistan and he is.....hot!!!!. Tuck is a bigger bad ass werewolf, fearless, powerful and dominant, enough to get those toes tingling!!!!!. Having said that I felt at times they were a little tame!!! Soldiers swear and curse a lot, I know I married one......but at times, especially Josh was too polite!!!

Romance m/m - the actual romance and sex scenes in this book were smoking, Josh was endearing in his need to please and the way he acted like a love sick naive teenager feeling both desired and calmed by Tuck, free of his fears and embracing the acceptance. Tuck was demanding and dominant, in control pushing him and challenging him but also tender and wanting to please. Now all this would have been extremely sexy and heart stoppingly good if the whole BDSM thing wasn't introduced with the whole 'master' and 'sir' thing going on...why!!!! I mean it didn't make sense and was so poorly done... it was as though it were only introduced on editing to make it fashionable!!!! Yes Tuck is a dominate lover he is a werewolf it is his nature to be Alpha in the bedroom and yes Josh is a submissive.....in the bedroom.....but this would have been so much more if it had been left as that. The explanation for the reason Josh called Tuck 'sir' was just laughable and then the 'safeword'!!!! was it supposed to be a joke?!!!

There were some characters touched on briefly which we will see in future books, with a BDSM theme, which I hope will be done with a bit more umph....and I will read it because this series really had so much potential which I hope will be redeemed in the next book!!!

I really don't like this review and I have hated writing it, but I hope it is constructive in it's criticism.