Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll - Mia Dymond Loved this book....it was fun and sexy, with some action thrown into boot!!!

There was great camaraderie between the four man team of....very big, strong, sexy, sizzling with great abs....Alpha SEALs. Plenty of sarcastic humour, mainly between the two secondary character...Max and Cameron (one helluva match that is going to be) and all round banter and LOL moments that had me smiling and laughing throughout the book.

But of course we also have some romance between Jayden Hawke, famous Rock Star/SEAL communications expert and Rachel, professional, highly sought after Architect. She thinks he is a Rock Star and he thinks she is an undercover operative in a terrorist ring!!!

Despite his orders to seduce her to gain important Intel and despite the fact that she only sees his rock star persona....they are inexplicably drawn together....and let me tell you when they do it will leave you squirming in your seat!!!

Jayden and Rachel were so sweet and loving together, he was desperate for her to see the real him inside whilst Rachel wanted him but was afraid of the rejection, should she fall into the 1 night stand category. The interruptions for them in the most intimate of moments was killing me I did think are they ever going to get to it!!! Hell I was getting frustrated...never mind them!!!

The star of the book for me was Cameron....Rachel's best friend...she truly was hilarious and I am so looking forward to her book next.

Why 4 stars then instead of 5?...in the middle of the book during a chapter with plenty of action and quite a few characters involved there was a lot of conversation going on....which wasn't explained, so I really had to concentrate as to which characters were talking. it wasn't much but it did distract from the flow.

Other than that minor grip, this IS a great book and I would most definitely recommend it....in fact I am off now to download the next book.