Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye When an author writes and projects the emotions of the characters so you can feel them within your own heart...you know you are onto a good thing. This book touched me.......wholeheartedly and overwhelmingly drew on my own emotions.

Who knew a book about two people being stuck in an elevator without any visual stimulus for half of the book could be so sensual and erotic?!

..*swooning starts*..

Caden is....OMG he is sizzling hot....off the temperature scales sexy....such a fine specimen of a man.....I want one!!!!

..*swooning over*..

Caden is a Paramedic, tattooed, pierced and with a scull trim...all of which he uses to good effect to keep people at a distance and to shield him from the outside world. There is a vulnerability to Caden which is both endearing and adorable.

Makenna... who you would just love to have as your bestest...is so genuine and compassionate with a feisty, confident personality you just have to ha.. I mean Love her

These two strangers that get stuck in a lift together, compliment each other so beautifully....through this connection and the darkness that makes them lose their inhibitions, they enjoy a comfortable companionship...delving deeper into the knowledge of each others lives by playing 20 questions...discovering that they actually have a lot in common.

Their whispering's in the dark seemed to make the situation more intimate... the sexual tension between them becoming palpable. When Makenna is finally invited by Caden to make that first initial contact by running her hand over his scull trim...it sparks that magic between them and.....THE GLOVES WERE OFF!!!!

This is without doubt a love story but as well as that it is a journey of discovery and acceptance, crossing preconceived social and physical judgement's that cannot be seen in the dark.

This book took my breath away and melted my heart.....I also think I am in love with Caden......might need counselling to get over it!!!!

Love this book...I highly recommend it