Nobody's Hero - Kallypso Masters I wont go into the synopsis of Nobody's Hero, as it has been done so well by so many.


Ohh Kallypso, am I glad you gave up your job to become a full time author.

Loved how Master at Arms gave us the initial background to all the characters, wasn't sure at first as there was no HEA, but boy did it work as we got to know the all the players so well before they have their own stories. After finishing it I immediately downloaded Nobody's Angel and Nobody's Hero.

I tried to hold off reading Master Adam and Karla's story, knowing the next book wasn't out 'til May!!
Unfortunately, I could hold out no longer and delved into the 3rd book in the series.

Amazing..... I was flooded by every emotion possible reading this book and it was a roller coaster!!! (tears, gasps, smiles, laughter and not forgetting the palpitations or Ka-thunk!!;)

I am sure you have gathered that I loved this book and the previous 2, only downside is having to wait......for the next fix.

The epilogue leads us nicely with great anticipation for Damian and Savannah's story. Soooo can't wait.

Thank you for a great series.