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Horn Gate - Damon Suede I love Damon Suede and Hot Head is still one of my most favourite books and Paranormal, again a genre I enjoy… so by rights this should have been an excellent read… but unfortunately at times it felt as though it was above my level of intellect and left me confused!!!

2.5 stars

photo tumblr_ltj6mfNgWk1r3tsmdo1_500.gif

This book is a hard one for me to review, there was so much promise and in parts I loved it and was completely wrapped up in the action, the writing was just exquisite at times, rolling beautifully from one sentence to the next, the subject matter not quite so beautiful but the descriptive prose put me right there with Isaac,  It almost becomes a Dan Brown paranormal mystery-thriller involving a human and a sex demon, where there is intrigue and a race against time to find the answers Isaac needs from the Of Mizzikim an old book of Hebrew mythology… to open the gate and save Scratch, and this is where I lost pace with the book, purely, because the novella length didn’t give me as a reader enough time to decipher the clues and language, Hebrew, I am not familiar with and the interaction between Isaac and Scratch wasn’t enough for me to get to grips with it and the meanings of the words and their different translations over the centuries… was becoming confusing!

The book opens on Isaacs 22nd birthday,  by day he works in a library restoring books his evenings he spends alone. As luck would have it a co-worker has an invitation to a sex lounge one that she is unlikely to use… so Isaac in his own mind justifies taking it from her desk as a birthday gift to himself. Gehenna was an establishment for the rich, famous and beautiful… well those with depraved tendencies, and poor Isaac is totally out of his depth in a place like that and more self conscious than usual, you see, Isaac is not our usual MC, he is overweight suffers from acne and has zero social life, and with a phobia of being touched which does nothing for his sex life. His purpose at the club was to watch, go home and get off. Yet standing at the bar, he feels cheated. He was expecting a voyeuristic delight of debauchery, instead, he could have been in any upmarket bar.

Isaac is a Jewish boy who leads a very humdrum life, he doesn’t want to be noticed, he would rather blend into the background, yet at the same time his body is craving something, anything more exciting than the loneliness that consumes him.  He feels almost compelled to make his way to the bowels of the club and what he stumbles on he was finding hard to understand. An angel, so he thinks, the most beautiful man he has ever seen, his senses were overwhelmed and there is no control, he is being embraced by forces he is just unable to comprehend.

Scratch had been imprisoned to service clients and as an incubus he is the perfect prostitute in an establishment that is renowned as a Sex Lounge. He feeds on emotions of any kind and poor Isaac is just full of them and somehow Scratch realises that Isaac is the man who can save him.

We only had Isaac’s point of view in the Horn Gate,and as a character I connected with him, but Scratch, the imprisoned incubus I didn’t bond with at all, he is an ancient demon and speaks in riddles which later we discover he is really dropping clues, but at the time I couldn’t make sense of it, and it was only towards the end that I finally understood but by then it had lost me in the madness of Isaac’s physical changes and his desperation to save the demon that he had an overwhelming need to protect. Personally I feel it was all too much and too quick, and if it had been longer there would have been more substance to grab hold of and run with, and Scratch, I always felt on the border, not knowing or understanding him enough, I can only presume that as it is a series, we will discover more, but for now it felt unfinished and I felt a little lost and unsatisfied despite the excellent start and promise. Also, I know we have a Sex Demon and a Sex Lounge, there is however no sex in this book.

This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review

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The Caveman and the Devil - Chris T. Kat The beginning of this novella is all about an argument, well, really a strop on Paul's part… but that soon turns into a whole lot of make up sex! Throw in some cute lion cubs and you have an enjoyable novella that will have you laughing out loud!

photo tumblr_mkyg885K8C1rvzc73o1_500.gif

The book is told from Paul’s point of view and when we first meet him he is one very pissed off boyfriend and poor Noah is bearing the brunt of it. However he is so busy trying to look after two very wayward lion cubs to pay too much attention and apparently seems oblivious to Paul’s tantrum which of course makes Paul even more bad tempered. Initially as readers, we are as clueless as Noah as to why Paul is having such a rant, but is soon becomes apparent that his feelings of trepidation were of course warranted when we discover what happened.

Noah had having seen the lion cubs at risk of being attacked and killed by their mother, had put all thoughts of his own safety aside and run into the enclosure before it had been secured to save the two remaining cubs, an irresponsible thing to do as it was not only his life he had put in danger, but also his job.

This is a very funny, hot and sexy plus cute novella and the love between these two characters is undeniable and perfectly described by Chris T Kat. We don’t glean an awful lot of background on Paul and Noah, as this is really a snippet in time, so I am not sure of their ages but from their voices I would surmise Paul is an older man bigger and more mature than Noah… who reminds me of an impetuous, funny and teasing young man, who is just as playful as the lion cubs he so adores. Their pet names Caveman and Devil… so very apt and probably describes them perfectly, there is a vulnerability to Noah and a mischievous streak and a little devil is exactly what he is, which of course brings out the caveman in Paul, all strong and protective with a little dominance thrown in there… Rawrrrr!!!

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Dangerous Submission (Dangerous Affairs) - Lori Toland I always think it’s a good sign when I pick up a book and don’t put it down until finished and that is exactly what happened with Dangerous Submissions, this is the second book in the Dangerous Affairs series

Dangerous Submission (2)

Drake Steele is an Agent for SOCO and his mission is to go undercover as a dom to Robbie Carrington, his task is to ensure the safety of an MI-6  IT specialist, to enable him to extract information needed to expose an underground criminal responsible for selling arms and stolen art, and Robbie a sassy, redheaded twink who also happens to be the son of a Duke is to play his sub in an effort to infiltrate the gang at a sex and BDSM party to be held in Prague.

Drake who is definitely not shy about speaking his mind has reservations about the whole mission. Robbie is clueless about BDSM and has no idea what to expect and for Drake an experienced dom, he is only too aware that for it to work there needs to be trust and chemistry between a dom and his sub and it certainly takes longer than two days to build that kind of connection. But Robbie surprises him and is curious, and even though twinks are not his type he feels the stirrings of an attraction which is only enhanced by Robbie’s submissive nature, he can see the attraction and the desire in his eyes and the blush to his cheeks which were all unmistakeable… Robbie was definitely interested, with BDSM also seeming to be his kink and he is adamant that he wants it to be more than just work, but mixing pleasure and business could spell disaster for their mission.

Poor Drake is trying to play it by the book but he is a man in conflict between his lust and emotions and his sense of duty, trying to keep his head in the game and pulling back from his overwhelming desire to protect and claim Robbie as his own. Only Robbie is not making it easy for him, he was behaving like a bratty little sub teasing and tantalising the poor man to frustration, Robbie wants to submit and give himself and his control over to Drake, and it was becoming all too easy for Drake to forget they were on a mission and that the intense emotional connection between them was not just the job… for both of them it was becoming personal and Drake’s heart and mind was beginning to melt and fall for the wayward, fiery, twink with a temper that was blatantly looking for a whipping!

I loved Robbie… he was just so naughty, having his little strops, but it wasn’t all for attention, Drake was blowing hot and cold and giving off mixed signals! I really would have liked an insight into Robbie's thoughts, especially when he was trying every trick in the book to get Drake to notice him, and it’s not as though he didn’t, he was just trying to deal with the battle of wills going on with his conscience and Robbie didn’t know whether he was coming or going... something he had no qualms in voicing his opinion on, letting Drake know just how pissed off he was!

I have to say I enjoyed Robbie’s and Drakes story more than Tony and Bradley from The Long Con and we did get to meet them again at the beginning of this book and even though it is a series, really they can definitely be read as stand alone novels. There is a plot which revolves around a BDSM party in Prague but for me it was more about the characters and the plot was secondary, we did meet Stefan and already I am wanting to know more about him, so fingers crossed he will be in Lori’s next book in the series. This is a BDSM novel and there are some club scenes and although it hints at Drake’s experience on the scene as a whip wielding dom of control and dominance, the actual relationship between Drake and Robbie was more of a game… I wasn’t convinced that Drake was the man in charge but that also has a lot to do with Robbie’s character, his lack of experience and the fact that initially it had been a mission with both of them playing their roles to get the job done, so with Robbie being inexperienced Drake was reluctant to push it… but I would have liked to have seen that big man in total badass dom mode. The other aspect that was missing for me was a bit of background on our two MC’s… there were parts of their lives that were hinted at but not explained, it was very much the here and now.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dangerous Submissions and will definitely be picking up the next book in the series.

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Beyond Complicated

Beyond Complicated - Mercy Celeste Review to come..

Loving Luki Vasquez  - Lou Sylvre 4.5 Stars for this amazing book which is emotionally charged and full of action, Lou Sylvre has such a way with words, she is truly a gifted author… she had me encapsulated in my own little world, just me and the guys and a few friends on a journey so vivid in my imagination and heart… I was euphoric and a mess! Great start, loved it, Woohoo… now onto the next!!!

photo LovingLuki.jpg

Oh what a wonderful tale you weave Lou Sylvre!  I was sucked in and captivated from the start… totally enthralled and bewitched by two characters that now have a place in my heart. The writing at times was just outstanding, beautifully poignant with evocative prose that had me in tears… and with the action and anticipation pulling me all the way to the end of the book there were more tears, smiles, anger, frustration and sadness, all of which bought about an ending that has yet to reach a conclusion, and I so need to read Delsyn’s Blues NOW to catch up with my boys, well, men really!!. So right now I am wholeheartedly invested in these two lonely and insular men,  lost souls taking tentative steps into a world of emotional turmoil that was unfamiliar and something neither of them knew how to deal with.

Luki and Sonny are total opposites, yet both very complex characters and in this book we glean some insight into what makes Luki tick and although the author hinted at a past full of ghosts for Sonny, this first book in the series seems to have focused on Luki. He has spent the last 28 years arming himself both mentally and physically, putting up barriers and encasing his heart in ice.  His life is full of order and he is completely focused on maintaining his cold and stoical intimidating persona… a mask with which to fool the world that on the inside, he is NOT a terrified child still haunted by the incident that left him facially scarred… which was nothing compared to the scars on his psyche that left him pushing away any kind of emotional attachment. But where Luki’s life is full of rain clouds and misery, Sonny’s life is a spectrum of colours… so very bright and beautiful,  and with his creative spirit comes deep intuition and understanding… he see’s things which others are oblivious to and he can see right into the soul of the man that was embracing his heart. Sonny trusts Luki and see’s past the smoke and mirrors to the man who craves love but was still that lost boy afraid to let his emotions free. He see’s himself as ugly, yet to Sonny he was the most beautiful man he had ever seen… for the first time in his life there was a spark of emotion a warmth emanating from Sonny his kindness and compassion lifted both Luki's heart and soul and with Sonny's easy manner and sense of humour, throw in a little stubbornness and strength of character and Luki was in danger of losing his stubborn resolve!

“Is that how you see… saw me? You thought I was beautiful?”“Yes” Sonny said, and then sighed. His voice had lost it’s edge, melodious and rich again.“That’s how I see you. I think you’re beautiful. How could that change? I see what’s there. I always see what’s there.”

photo tumblr_lrdnov5YHJ1r2jbolo1_500.gifphoto tumblr_mj9v84f2M41qit2glo1_500.gif

Luki Vasquez, once an agent for ATF (alcohol, tobacco and firearms) is now in security, the poor man seems to spend most of his time throwing up, smoking ciggies and popping a breath mint, all signs of his insecurities and vulnerability, the face he hides from the world, so a chance encounter with the socially awkward Sonny James, a man who also prefers his own company to that of others, a man who has no defences other than his smart mouth… and yet, there is a mutual attraction that neither of them is prepared for, so when circumstances throw them together and it appears as though there is someone out to get Sonny, Luki pulls all his agents into the action to help find the man responsible and he will not stop till he gets his man which is no easy task when he feels that his emotional attachment to Sonny is clouding his judgment… and losing his edge now could jeopardise the whole investigation.


Sonny and Luki began to grow together. The artist in Sonny saw it as if from a distance, each of them changing orientation the way plants move imperceptibly, but fast, until all the leaves face toward the sun.
The love scenes between the badass man whore Luki and Sonny the very inexperienced sweet boy, varied from an inferno of passion and lust, so fierce it overwhelmed their senses to other times when they were passionate and sensual a connection so deep neither were able to comprehend, for both of them it was not just a physical connection… it was a connection so emotionally intense my heart was pounding and not just because it was hot but because the author conveyed that profound emotion to me as a reader and I was just melted.

Oh my God, tears. they welled up in his eyes and flowed over. His face felt wet and heavy drops ran down his scar like a riverbed, like that was the reason the scar was made, to give the tears a place to run. He wanted to howl, to sob, to bury his face in a pillow and scream, but he didn’t. He sat stock-still, holding back the screams, and it hurt.

When I was reading this book, such was my connection to the characters that
I had a knot in my chest for the most part… but it’s not all completely emotionally overwhelming… there are also laughs, thanks to Sonny’s sense of humour and Luki’s lack of, and when the plot gets going they are both embroiled in the action. As you have probably guessed, I loved this book and I so want to give it five stars, because for the most part it was a five plus star book, but as fluid and sweetly smooth the action was when focused on our two MC’s, when the story diverted back to the plot a few times I had to look back just to clarify my understanding, It is a minor niggle and does not in any way detract from just how BRILLIANT the promise of this series is for me… I am excited!!!

The ending was pretty tense and a heart in your mouth moment which is left open… so the next book best pick up where this one left off,  AND I NEED ANSWERS!!

Series reading order

Loving Luki Vasquez (Vasquez & James #1)

Delsyn’s Blues (Vasquez & James #2)

Finding Jackie (Vasquez & James #3) Due for release May 17th

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The Long Con - Lori Toland Enjoyable if you are looking for an easy read some D/s kink throw in...

photo 791ad02f-deca-4d32-8f19-a488db784d1a.jpg

Nathaniel Brady is an agent for the Serious Organised Crime Agency and when his Grandmothers priceless Faberge egg is stolen he vows to find the thieves. His search takes him to New York where he is recruited by a con team to play the lure in an elaborate sting to sell a fake Faberge egg, which is in fact the real egg. The mark is the very dangerous Anthony Terranova the son of a mafia boss… only Bradley is not prepared for how gorgeous the man is and just how much his body is craving the sub he see’s hidden behind those blue eyes, dark with lust.

There is a plot which revolves around Bradley infiltrating the gang and getting his hands on the stolen egg he is desperate to return his Grandmother but this is more about the relationship between the two MC’s and Bradleys conflicting emotions, Tony was a murder, a killer and the son of a mafia boss… yet his gut was telling him different! There is a lot of very hot, panty melting D/s play and with Bradley being a Dom his body is crying out to do all kinds of naughty’s with Tony, who as a sub can’t get enough! These two are insatiable, they are like magnets, drawn to each other both physically and emotionally and Bradley is way over his head and his heart is leading him down a path that can only end in his world falling apart… such is the connection between these two!

For me this was an easy read and I enjoyed it but no great shakes, the plot is predictable and it was slightly OTT on the insta love, with no real angst or action. However there is plenty of sex… which was HOT and there is definitely great chemistry between Bradley and Tony, the BDSM element is very light and is more of a D/s relationship and there is a twist to the story but it wasn’t one that surprised me.
Giving an Inch (The Professor's Rule #1) - Heidi Belleau, Amelia C. Gormley Heidi Belleau and Amelia Gormley delivered some kinky changing room fun with a droolworthy texting Dom who certainly pushed all my buttons… I loved this and can’t wait for more!!

I am already a huge fan of Heidi Belleau and I was interested to see how the dynamics would work with an author I was unfamiliar with… well, I needn't have worried. This is the first book in a series and I have to say, it has great potential and I am excited to see where they will take us next, especially if like me you are into the kinkier side of m/m romance, I must say, before I realised it was a series and I got to the end I did think… What! …Where’s the rest??? …flipping to the end hoping to find more! Now I know this is a series, I am all kinds of happy and I am actually quite astonished that Heidi and Amelia could keep our attention for 45 pages when the whole novella was played out in a men’s changing room ..but believe me they did! This was a fun read and I cannot wait to meet the enigmatic Carson… OMG, he managed to influence his power and charm even via text message, HOLY HOTNESS… I certainly need more of The Professor!

James Sheridan is out of touch with life, so when his sister bails on a shopping trip to find an outfit for a presentation… he is clueless! Luckily for him he has the very attentive shop assistant, Satish on hand for advice, however when he inadvertently sends a picture of himself to the man he hadn't seen for two years instead of his poorly Sister, he feels both sick and elated when he gets a reply! James had decided enough was enough and had finished the relationship with the man who had been his Professor, Mentor and Master, but Carson had turned his life around just when he had needed it,  and in more ways than one, it was something he would forever be grateful for. He had given him discipline and helped him focus… and the need to please The Professor had given him the confidence that had helped him succeed… something that had been missing from his life ever since. Now he was self conscious and anxious of the unknown and maybe he still needed Carson, but this time on his own terms!

The relationship and where they go from here is going to be interesting, James had ended it because he felt he was being pushed too hard and too fast and the issues which transpired were really due to lack of communication… but mostly, it was James perception of himself and his need to please his Master which was compelling and all consuming, resulting in his inability to say no or even safe word… which his mind perceived as failure…. so in reality he had set his own boundaries, but had not discussed it with Carson!

I loved how James’s whole head space and attitude changed with Carson…. via text message he manipulated and pushed James in a  clever mind game involving a very hot salesmen and some inventive play in a changing room. At the moment I feel like I have a lot of questions and I can’t wait to watch all the answers unfold… Carson has me drooling already so his character definitely needs more page time as far as I’m concerned! I absolutely loved this short, but more for the promise it holds and if it continues along the same vein of hot sex with an undercurrent of humour I can see it being a favourite of mine. Bravo ladies… and an excellent start to a series, please don’t make me wait too long for the next one!!!

A copy of this book was provided by Riptide Publishing Via NetGalley

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Knightmare - T.A. Webb AMAZING! Just bloody Brilliant! …Tom Webb has delivered another novella that will have you totally engrossed in the action and continues the powerful plot from the first book that will have your emotions spiking, your heart breaking, Oh, and lets not forget… another Cliff Hanger to deal with… and I LOVED IT!!!!

“You are mine. Mine. I won’t let anyone touch you ever again. No one, you hear me? Not Martin, not any fucking man. No more, Benjamin. Are we clear? Do you understand me? No more!”

The world was quiet and everything was right and peaceful, and his last thought before he allowed sleep to claim him was Mine. His.

This book starts off where the other one finished and it is yet another powerfully compelling read from Tom Webb. I could sit and wax lyrical for hours over Mr. Webb’s writing… he stole my heart with the first book in this series and every one of his books I have read since and continues to hold it hostage with Knightmare. I still can’t believe he can pack so much emotional intensity into a novella, the plot is riveting and you are swept along on a rapid ride, holding on for dear life and above all praying that these two men that had found a spark of hope in the arms of one another, where there had previously only been despair… would have some chance at future happiness.

After losing his lover Jeremy to a violent crime, Marcus thought he would never love again, but Ben had awoken him from the lonely desolate nightmare he had been living in for the last two years, making him feel alive again rather than the numb existence that had consumed him… so he was going to have to push the fear and panic that was all encompassing and focus on finding his Benjamin.

Marcus bled inside, every minute was one more where he could imagine the worst. Ben alone and crying for him - someone, anyone—to take him away from the nightmare he’d been fighting for four long years.

Ben is a broken and lost boy the attack on him four years earlier had left him scarred but not the kind you could see, no, these scars are so deeply embedded within his psych that he felt they would never heal… he felt dirty and used and certainly not worthy of being loved by a man like Marcus, and now Martin and Farr had been released from prison he would never be free of the constant fear and pain.

How could anyone love damaged goods? Couldn’t Marcus see how ugly he was?

With this being a trilogy I have played every scenario in my head of how this book would transpire but what happened wasn’t what I expected… I have so much invested in these two characters, they break my heart and the love between them is so incredibly fragile, what they needed was time to explore their relationship, both of them had only just opened their hearts for the first time in years and the release of the two men who attacked Ben had stolen that small amount of hope that was being nurtured by Marcus… and now doubt and uncertainty had crept in and was taking hold of Ben.

Love has to be shared and earned and re-learned every day. It can’t be taken for granted, and while it can be as strong as steel, it can also be as fragile as the finest bone china.

Tom Webb certainly knows how to write a love scene, cause let me tell you this one was so beautiful, the passion and sensuality was intense and full of raw emotion, I was welling up. It was almost as though Marcus wanted Ben to See and Feel how much he was loved, desperately trying to sear it into his soul lest he should forget that he would rather die than lose him. Nothing else existed in that moment but the two of them and they completed each other in a way neither thought they could ever feel again.

He wanted to feel. To have his heart unclench and know what love felt like. Wanted to feel warmth in his chest, arms around him at night and kisses on the back of his neck. He wanted to not feel scared and alone, and have someone to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and help him put them back together again. He wanted to have someone who cared if he was running late because he stopped at the library and got lost in a book. Wanted someone to laugh with and cry with and grow old together.

If you haven’t read City Knight #1, it is a MUST READ and this second instalment is just as good and leaves me chomping at the bit for the last book in the trilogy, the writing as always from Tom is just amazing, the characters are totally three dimensional and live in my mind in full colour HD… yep even those yummy sex scenes are vivid in My imagination!?! We get to meet some of the characters from the other novellas by Pulp Friction, Archer, Zach and Jeremiah I am familiar with from Triple Heat… and I am going to spend my weekend catching up on all of the novellas so far released. WooHoo!


So… Yes, you have guessed right, I couldn’t put the book down and in fact I read it twice I was in such a rush the first time, the second time was to sit and enjoy the beautiful prose and revel in my excitement of catching up with Marcus and Ben and also for it to sink in... that just when you think things might be going in the right direction we have another O.M.G…. Noooooo!!!!!!! 

That ending…GRRR it’s a good job I heart you Tom!

To be continued!!!!!

*Note to self: Make sure tissues are handy when reading a book by T.A. Webb, wiping snotty tears on a sleeve because you can’t put a book down is SooOoo unattractive!!!

The other characters from this book can be found in Pulp Friction series from these other talented authors ~

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Series reading order ~

Working It ~ [b:City Knight|17346146|City Knight (City Knight #1)|T.A. Webb||24085838]
Knightmare ~ (City Knight #2)
Starry Knight ~ (City Knight #3) Release date 15th June.

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Fire Horse - Mickie B. Ashling 5 Star read and an Excellent book by Mickie B. Ashling.... I. Loved. This. Book. I was so engrossed and captivated in Preston’s story, I couldn't even spare the time to update… I just had to get to the end!!

photo 25e772e2-03de-4485-b683-0917c8cff6f3.jpg

This is a love story that transcends time, a first love than can never be forgotten, a love that was extinguished before it had been explored to fruition… leaving a man that was bitter and angry at life, and despite his search for the last 27 years, life had never given him what he had touched so briefly as an adolescent in an affair with the boy that still held his heart.

Preston Fawkes wakes up after an operation to his spine from an accident playing polo which proves to be one too many injuries and at forty five he should consider retirement the alternative as his doctor so kindly pointed out was a wheelchair!

“Your bedside manner leaves much to be desired, Doctor.”
“I’m not here to win you over as a friend,” he pronounced. “My goal is to have you walking out of this room, and the sooner the better.”

Now even though Preston considers himself lucky to still be alive, he is a stubborn arse and giving up polo was out of the question… it’s his life and the only thing apart from his children he gleans any joy from, which was another reason he couldn't give up, he had far too many people dependant on him and he is laden with financial obligations which included two ex wives.

“Polo isn't a hobby, Doc, and my kids would go into financial shock if the money dried up. As for the ex-wives, they’d rather see me dead than give up their lifestyle.”
“Is that all you are to them?” he asked. “A cash cow?”

Preston is not a nice man and had no redeeming qualities, at one point I had to consider if I really wanted to continue reading a book when I so disliked the MC,  he is conceited, rude and arrogant and a man whore of epic proportions with a string of one night stands both male and female in his wake. But Preston’s character with all its complexities was moulded and defined by his past, an abusive father and a lost love, and it is through his drug induced haze from the morphine drip that we get a flashback to 1976 and we begin to understand the man through the boy…

At the age of 10 and desperate to be able to ride a horse and  play polo like the big boys, the 15 year old Konrad takes Preston under his wing and mentors him in game he loves and teaches him about the horses he is so passionate about, and this marks the moment in time when Konrad became the focus of Preston’s world, his hero and the boy that in his eyes could do no wrong.

At 13 his English Mother has grand ideas for her boy and an education at England’s finest with the hob knobs and Royals is exactly where she is sending him, which was something his Texan father was none too happy about, polo was bad enough but the idea of his boy in all those sissy clothes… Nah!!! 

Preston is a bright and intelligent boy and is certainly not slow in coming forward and if there is one thing he is going to achieve before being shipped off, it is tell Konrad exactly how he feels and with a chaste kiss, so begins a young love that is divided by continents, school and for Konrad the Polo circuit.

Preston at 16 is impatient he wants everything now and is tenacious in his ardour, but at 16 he is also very naive and like every teenager of that age, they think they know what's best for them and Preston was no different. He had fallen in love with Konrad at 13 and he wanted the world to know but the 80’s were a dangerous time for gays and Preston was oblivious, AIDS was known as the gay cancer and the gay community was taking the full brunt of the ignorance and violence from a disease few new little about. Konrad is older than Preston and he has lived a little as a gay man he has explored his sexuality and that was something the good ‘ole boys of Texas would NEVER understand, so despite the profound love these two boys share, society, ignorance, guilt, regret, prejudices, lies, and self recriminations come into play… and of course not forgetting Preston’s stubborn pride!!

The heart of this book is the relationship between Preston and Konrad which takes place between 1976 ~ 1983 when both boys were adolescent so if you have issues about the sexual exploration of teenagers then this book is not for you, I must say it is not crude or degrading in any way… these two boys loved each other and that is the crux of the story it is both beautiful and heartbreaking. They both also share a love of polo but in truth, it does not revolve around the sport.

Through his teenage years I  a came to understand Preston’s attitude and Konrad’s reluctance and both men, although flawed had loved each other, I could sit here and say it could have been done this way or that, and criticise the actions of the characters but this is their story, they made mistakes they fucked up and got on with it and I loved their story.

This is the first book I have read from Ms Ashling and it is an excellent read, there were a few heart stopping moments, that had my heart pounding, the characters were well developed and I had a particular soft spot for Ned, Preston’s friend from his Eton days and someone that quite frankly deserved a medal for putting up with the obnoxious git… Dr Rayne Carlisle was a Mystery with a delicious dark side to him which could have explored more… But that's just my depraved mind!! Oh, and he took no shit from Preston whilst he was in hospital and gave as good as he got.. so he definitely made me smile.

The end… well that was just perfect and had me reaching for the tissues as the tears just kept rolling down my face.

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Clown'd - K.A. Merikan HOLY HOTNESS!! This is a fun, short smut fix for all m/m lovers!

photo 492c4f2f-23ce-4eba-93d3-5097a16f690e.jpg

If you read the synopsis on this you would certainly think you were in for something taboo, dark and in my depraved mind… delicious! However, I was forewarned that it would not be a dark read, so I kind of went into this thinking there was more to this novella than just the blurb… and if I tell you my sentiments at the end were… Aww Bless! Then I am sure you can decipher this is NOT dark, non con, gang bang rape!

It starts off eerie, with Kyle walking home in the dark on Halloween and taking a shortcut through the park, when he notices a large piece of paper attached to a post stating ~

“Be especially vigilant on Halloween and do not underestimate people in costume. Up till now, the killer has worn a clown mask. See photo below."

Clown 2


So when Kyle is accosted in the park by 3 sinister, scary, large and brawny men dressed as clowns, he was close to the point of terror, that is until he realised just who one of the clowns was… and it doesn’t take long for that fear to turn to lust!

What transpires is most definitely a gang bang… but this is debauchery of the fun kind and we are treated to a variety of male appendages in action, in a fuck fest of kinky porn involving five very alpha clowns in various disguise, and one trembling in fear.. NOT helpless male and some helium balloons thrown in for some extra fun!

This is the first book I have read from Kat and Agnes and I just loved their sense of humour, they totally endeared me to Kyle who had me laughing out loud at times and would love to see him in action again for another smut fix… I loved this and finished it with a huge smile on my face.

A copy of the book was provided by the Authors for a fair and honest review

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Heat Under Fire - Andrew  Grey Fire Fighters, Cops and EMT’s… this should be a winner for me!?!

2.5 Stars

photo e7cbc9ab-4c4e-4687-9092-967317645e35.jpg

I have read quite a few of Andrew Greys previous books and loved every one, Heat Under Fire is unfortunately not one of them.  The premise was great, Fire Fighters, EMT’s and Cops... just my kind of book but this was sadly lacking and as hard as I tried I just could not connect with our two MC’s Justin and Rock!

When a school bus crashes into the side of a bridge precariously balancing over the edge… Justin jumps into the fray with very little time to save the children before the bus tumbles over the edge, and the first EMT to attend the scene is non other than Rockwell Sparks, who just so happens to be the man of Justin’s dreams and fantasies and also the man that leaves him tongue tied, nervous and stumbling for his words. But it’s not only Rock that makes him uncomfortable in his own skin… it’s every man he has ever taken a liking to, which obviously plays havoc with his sex life… or lack of!

Justin seems to spend most of his time analysing his own reactions to situations rather than taking action… but Rock is gentle with Justin, easing his fears and anxieties, recognising his lack of experience with gentle assurances and gestures.

Justin has an interfering, manipulative and very overbearing Mother that should have been put in her place a long time ago, add to that three sisters, two of which are clones of his mother and the poor guy didn’t stand a chance growing up, especially when all his Mothers love was poured out to his sisters leaving him starved of affection!

So, this is where we have to suspend our disbeliefs as these two men are constantly running into trouble, first we have the bus, then toxic fumes from a burning building and then at lunch it’s carbon monoxide poisoning they have to deal with… and this is a novella!?! Then we discover the real reason why Justin is unable to have any kind of relationship and that was it, my eyes were rolling... beyond ridiculous!  I am a very forgiving reader and most of the time I can just go with the flow if the characters and plot engage me… but for the most part, even though we have the incidents the rest was mundane and I was getting bored with Justin’s daily traffic duties and writing up speeding tickets, his life was dull! …which is probably the reason for spicing up the action with the unbelievable plot lines, and for me there was zilch in the emotional factor, with the only spike being the mother who just had my blood boiling! The ending was too contrived with no emotion and the “I love you” at the end was just all wrong and that’s coming from someone who doesn't usually mind the whole insta love thing!

So sadly this was not a book for me… It may just be me and maybe I was not in the right frame of mind, who knows, but it will not deter me from reading Andrew Grey as I really have enjoyed his previous novels... and this one I will put down to just a blip as I am only too aware of  Mr. Greys talent as a writer.

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Barbarossa's Bitch - Angelia Sparrow, Naomi Brooks When the first line of a book is...

When the settlement delegation entered the encampment, Kane was being fucked. Lord Barbarossa hammered away at his ass, growling obscenities.

Barbarossas Bitch

And with the title Barbarossa’s Bitch, I was pretty much expecting a dark slave novel, raw, gritty and full of sex in a post-apocalyptic setting… but what I got was completely unexpected, very different and I have to say quite surreal in parts!

It is also very difficult to review this story as the narrative is not set out in chronological order, it spans fourteen years from the day before the apocalypse to the books present day, but it flip flops backwards and forwards randomly along the timeline so the middle is at the beginning the beginning at the end and so on, you have answers before questions and vice versa… it all sounds incredibly confusing and I did have to think WTF on more than one occasion but strangely enough it worked, how on earth the authors put it together so as not to confuse us as readers and still keeping us engrossed, I can only attribute to their talent, and it certainly kept me turning the pages.

A note from Dylan Taggert:
These are scenes from a life, my life, both as myself and as Kane. They can be read in any order. Cut this apart and shuffle them like cards. It will make as much or as little sense as the reader likes. Much like my world where there are only two real times: Before and After.

The world building was excellent the authors did a great job, and you get a real feel for the despair and uncertainty, how the weak were manipulated through loss of hope and need for guidance… they ranged from people working together as a community to settlements where women were slaves, settlements of only women, religious sects and of course the Wildpacks who were only men… outcasts from those communities, as everything is a commodity and has a value, with procreation being a must… so if you were gay, as a human being you were worthless and a drain on the society. But with trade being the only way forward the Wildpacks were now the Marshalls and enforcers, and the only thing tying it all together.

Dylan is picked up in a slave raid and is immediately drawn to Barbarossa, he is naturally subservient with a sincere and honest disposition.. he is actually too nice as he holds no malice or anger towards Barbarossa despite his treatment, he just accepts and I would have expected some resentment and more profanities at least from him.

Barbarossa wears leathers and a mask… it is his persona and he is definitely one badass dangerous and powerful man and his shows of dominance and humiliation towards Dylan only confirm that… although for Barbarossa it was also to protect Dylan and at the same time send a message to the pack of his authority, he cannot be undermined in anyway as it would not only be Dylan but also himself that would fall victim  to the savagery of the pack at any sign of weakness  … especially if they perceive that weakness to be Dylan.

Even though I enjoyed this, I was expecting a dark novel, something to get my teeth into and my blood boiling and we did touch on that occasionally but for the most part it was nice, with some of the dialog actually formal and polite which at times was disconcerting for me, and didn’t quite fit with the characters.  At one point I did feel as though I had been dropped into the middle of a surreal dream and taken back to the times of knights and lords in a very bizarre ménage scene. Having said that I read this book a few weeks ago and I have to say that even now I can still recall the book, I can’t say that I connected on an emotional level with the characters, but as a whole the book was intriguing and I was engrossed in their journey which was a long and arduous one but full of hope and in the end love, it was a fitting end to the book and I would certainly recommend it.

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Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THIS… Excellent but Oh. My. God…. What an ending that was, Abigail Roux I am hoping you have your next book all outlined and planned as the wait is already too long and I need it now!

Touch And Geaux

Zane muttered. “How I became anyone’s idea of a goddamn pinup, I have no idea”Ty looked back at him, blinking innocuously. As the doors began to grind open, he smiled. “You’re my idea of a pinup” he whispered

I have to say that this one has so far been my favourite, it is full of action, angst, marines, cartels, dirty cops, kidnappings, murder and a British Spy all set in the backdrop of New Orleans, where we also see the black magic of Voodoo come into play... Oh, and not forgetting our boys foray into the world of modeling, well, only for a charity calendar, but it was funny to see them squirm at the unfamiliar!  The plot is riveting and played to perfection with twists and turns and revelations I certainly didn't see coming and shocked the pants off me… I absolutely loved it!

In Touch and Geaux we see a different side to our beloved boys, we are used to hot sexy man loving and plenty of snarky banter and the hilarious situations they get themselves into, don’t get me wrong we still have the usual hot, panty melting, cold shower worthy sex… (speaking of showers that scene was sizzling) plus some very heart pounding angry sex, but also some beautiful passionate and sensual loving that just had my heart all kinds of soft and gooey.

However this time we see an emotional, moving and almost spiritual journey to not only understanding themselves on a whole new level, but also each other. But that journey is fraught with uncertainties and their past catches up to them and the dark secrets that had been hidden deep and buried, the kind that leave scars on your heart are now revealed and both both Ty and Zane need to bare their souls in order to discover if they can weather the challenges that lay ahead.

“I love you Zane,” Ty gasped. “nothing I’ve done will ever change that.”

Touch & Geaux 3

“Zane” Ty Moaned, lowering his forehead to Zane’s shoulder and flexing his back and hips to keep the wildly arousing rhythm going. “I need you.”

Zane has spent the last two years with Ty wanting to prove to him he was no longer the drug and alcohol addict, but a man who was worthy of his love and with Ty he was able to battle those demons and was at last finding some peace within, that had evaded him for so long.  But Ty is weighed down by secrets, secrets that had ripped at his soul, secrets he had never even trusted with his brothers in arms and I would like to say it was a cleansing of the soul, but it was through circumstances out of his control that Ty needed to reveal what he had tried to push to the back of his mind and ignore.. Ty had trusted Zane with his life, now he was entrusting his heart and soul, no more boundaries to cross or walls to knock down, hoping that Zane would still look at him with love in his eyes, still want him in his life. But those secrets and lies were embedded so deep into their lives, it created a doubt that Zane never thought he would feel, especially about Ty.

In the past I have always felt a little sad for Zane as he is the quiet stoical loner, he see’s himself as a geek and when Ty gets together with the Sidewinder’s he is lost, feeling like an interloper. However in this book we get a whole lot of recon boys and testosterone charged action and Zane is right in the thick of it, he is included as one of the brothers in arms and it just made me happy to see that particular development.

I know there are some readers that don’t particularly enjoy angst in their books and Touch and Geaux, definitely has plenty of it, which yes, is frustrating however, personally I love it and I don’t feel the angst in this book was over the top… with the revelation that hit Zane I would be mighty pissed off too… and yes if they just take time to talk to each other things would be all lovely and sweet and sensible… but come on, in two days they manage get themselves sorted and act like grown ups… eventually. In real life things are ten times worse… they would have needed relationship guidance and counselling for all that shit, which could have gone on for months, real life and people are not predictable and so a little angst for a couple of days, I think is perfectly adult of them, plus I love all that heart pounding uncertainty!

photo 80c61d54-5091-411f-a32c-f732448bc16b.jpg

 “You told me one time that… I was your compass. I gave you direction when you were lost” Ty said, nearly choking on the words. He glanced up, eyes reflecting like liquid in low light. “Well, you were my anchor. You were something solid for me to hold onto. I wanted you to remember that”

I believe in you

One of the reasons I love this series so much is obviously Ty and Zane but really even though I think of them as real men they are fictional characters created by Abigail Roux and it is through her amazing writing and talent that these two men are brought to life… in my head they are very real, every familiar nuance and characteristic, each shrug of their shoulder, smirk, raised eyebrow, all of it, I see before me… and Hell Yes! …that includes the sex! They have personalities that I just love. I am invested in their lives, their friends, family I worry about their well being and above all I just want them both to find the happiness they so deserve together.

“Who are you, Ty?”

Ty smiled against his cheek. “I was an assassin,” he whispered. “I’m a marine. I’m the man who doesn’t miss. And I’m yours.”

Zane bit his lip on a smile.

“Who are you, Zane.?”

Zane cocked his head. “I am an artist. I’m a geek.” He felt Ty smile. “I am one badass motherfucker on a motorcycle.”

Ty began to laugh.

Zane dipped his head until they were staring into each other’s eyes. “And I’m all yours.”

The last 15% of this book was just perfect… Learning to love themselves, as well as each other and put all the secrets and lies behind them... my heart was a flutter, the sex was passionate, sensual and loving, our boys had reached a whole new chapter of their lives and my heart was warmed… and then Ms Roux goes and drops that bombshell!! I was so not happy… and how long till the next book?

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Left of Centre

Left of Centre - Zathyn Priest WOW! Amazing… loved this so much I read it twice!


This is an excellent read and I have fallen in love with Zathyn Priest, not only is he a fabulous cover designer, but he writes one helluva story! This is a novella and you can pretty much read it over coffee, but that doesn’t take away from  the quality of the writing and the excellence of the character development. Zathyn priest brought the characters to life with both Brandon and Enigma/Lewis having very distinct voices. For the most part this book is hilarious and filled with witty dialog that will have you in stitches. But there is a twist to this tale and that will certainly bring a tear or two to your eyes, and this is the reason I read it twice… not only because I loved it but also the second time around you get a whole new perspective on things.

Brandon Faulkner is a man whore of epic proportions, vain, extremely selfish but ultimately charming. We meet Brandon doing a midnight flit from the house of a one night stand and gets stopped by the Police. Luckily for him the Police Officer saw the funny side of Brandon not being in possession of shoes, shirt or trousers!

Brandon has joined Crystalline Court, an on-line site specifically for kinks from Goth to Glitter and everything in between. And with Brandon being such a player he has lined up three dates which for him and his overinflated ego just means more sex!

Enigma is beautiful and his violet eyes had somehow entranced Brandon and he had only one thing on his mind  and he was determined to use his full arsenal of cheesy charms to get it. Enigma is exactly as his name suggests and was totally unimpressed by Brandon, in fact he was actually quite rude and it was lovely to see Brandon squirm under Enigmas direct antagonism… I loved it! In my minds eye the very disgruntled Brandon was perplexed, his seduction and sweet talk was falling on deaf ears!  and he  was more accustomed to his ego as well as other parts being masturbated only Enigma was bashing it, actually… it was more like pulverising! His next two dates with the seven ft tall giant Rapture and Enigmas twin brother Chaos turned out to more disastrous than the first!

Brandon is attracted to Enigma, I know, shocked!! and I loved how this part of the story progressed when we saw a different side to Bandon and I was actually impressed with how compassionate and understanding he was, especially with Enigma/Lewis who absolutely stole my heart, I am actually tearing up writing this he is such an adorable character, he may be a little wacky and unpredictable but he is intelligent and funny and so very generous of heart and Brandon embraced his personality.

Brandon is a vet and there was a part in this book where I just wanted to quote the whole scene when Enigma/Lewis when he takes his pet fish Fluffles to Brandon. It was one of the most hilarious scenes I have read and as much as I would like to share it… you need to read the book! I will however share this scene that made me cry.

“Look at him.” Lewis held the bag up. “He has Scoliosis. No one else would’ve bought a fish with Scoliosis, would they? He’d have stayed in the pet store until he died because people only want perfect ones. If you hadn’t thrown my fish tank out, I could’ve put him in there. I could’ve made a nice home for the faulty fish no one else wants and they wouldn’t have to grow old and die in a public fish tank”

I love Zathyn Priests style of writing and even more so, the fact that he managed to engage me in such a short book to the point where I was totally invested in these characters and now I only wish he would write more as I have purchases all of his other works I will have to space them out to give him time to catch me up!

According to Zathyn, he is working on a sequel that should be available before the end of the year. WooHoo!

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The Flesh Cartel #6: Brotherhood - Rachel Haimowitz,  Heidi Belleau 5 STARS of excellence and I applauded Heidi Belleau and Rachel Haimowitz for their writing talents in this last episode of the season… I don’t like the pain it has caused me but it is brilliant never the less!

FC All

I know I said last month that the whole physiological twist to the story was the worst book so far… shite, you ain’t seen nothing yet!?! I almost put this down, never to be picked up again, I was a snivelling mess of emotions, it is only my FAITH in the authors that this will eventually come good, and my desperate need to stay with the boys that I picked it back up and forced myself to read through tears, I just didn’t want any more pain for these two boys, plus as much as I hate it, I also love it and it is most definitely COMPELLING reading. But FUCK! …have they not been through enough? I am not sure even a lifetime in therapy is going to cure them of this one and how it gets turned around from here will have to be a stroke of genius. (Heidi and Rachel… I am counting on you!)

Nikolai must drive a wedge between Mat and Dougie for his plans to succeed, Mat needs to be the one to help him, for as long as Dougie holds onto his hope and his love for Mat he will never freely give up to the inevitable… Dougie must accept his fate and then at least he can find some happiness and love that Nikolai is willing to give him. All Mat wants is for Dougie not to have to bear the horrors of his existence and to at least find inner peace. Mat cares nothing for himself at this point and will do anything Nikolai asks just to save Dougie, even if that means turning Dougie against him in such a way that it will surely destroy the last thing giving Dougie hope… Mats love and protection!

Nikolia flawlessly manipulated a scene with our two boys, and right now I hate him so much I am quite willing to commit murder… BASTARD! he used the brothers as pawns in a game and played it to perfection, and as always with Nikolai there is only ONE Master and only HE can ever be the winner.

Nikolai is a sick fuck, I don’t care what anyone say’s he IS A SICK FUCK and according to him he is not a sadist, which I really don’t get!?! If not a sadist then why? I don’t doubt that he loves Dougie in his own SICK mind but if you love someone and you are not a sadist then you surely would not want to see them go through pain, hurt and humiliation. Is he then so selfish and focused on his own objective that he would allow it to be a means to an end, with failure not being an option, or is it just that he has to WIN!?! Help me here I need to understand? …How many more episodes?


That ending is so not fair! I really don’t know what to say… I am devastated, hurt, angry and feel helpless, yes, that would be me, a reader, someone so totally engrossed in a book as if it were real life… ‘cause I sure as hell felt every emotion imaginable as if they were my own brothers, and now I feel lost… all the hope I had been clinging to just like Mat and Dougie has well and truly been destroyed and shattered at the hands of Nikolai!

This ARC was Kindly provided by Riptide Publishing...

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The Teacher and the Soldier - RJ Scott R.J. Scott takes us on another fabulous visit to the Town of Ellery and Daniel Skylar was all I was hoping he would be... definitely no skimping on the hotness factor there!

photo 7657ade8-68fd-4f1b-9547-cc05ee009260.jpg

After reading The Fireman and The Cop and meeting Daniel Skylar, the dark and brooding ex soldier who rides a motorbike, has a buzz cut and tattoos and is full of confidence and attitude… Hell Yes!! I wanted more… and this was another great novella in the Ellery Mountain series, Loved it! R.J. Scott certainly gets us involved and invested in the characters of the Town of Ellery and I am loving this Friday night Club which I can see expanding over the six books so far planned for the series. This book was more about the emotional issue’s behind the two damaged MC’s where the last one was more about the action, so each book it seems is not just more of the same but is bringing something different.

When Daniel had returned from Afghanistan, battle weary with both physical and emotional scars, with recurring nightmares keeping him awake… he turns to his school friends Finn and Kieran for support, now every Friday night they meet, mainly to chat and drink beer. In the last book we met Max the Fireman, who is now Finns boyfriend and an added member of the Friday night club!

Luke Fitzgerald comes with his own scars… at the age of 18 he left Ellery and never returned, glad to escape the drunken abusive Father who had made his life a misery after his Mother had left and subsequently died. Now his Father was dead, murdered in the last book for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and Luke returns to Ellery, a place he never wanted to see again but he needs to settle the estate, post hast and move one.

Luke is already in a bad place by the time he gets to Ellery, he has just lost his teaching job and broken up with his boyfriend of six years who had cheated on him ,and years of therapy had failed to cure him of his lack of self confidence and a whole heap of anxiety issues and being back in Ellery was now only exasperating his paranoia.

When Daniel and Luke meet, Luke is intimidated by his confidence and composure, Daniel seems to be everything he is not and Luke is still angry at the town and especially Daniels Mother for not seeing the abuse and the pain that was being inflicted on him as a child, he is hurt that no one helped him and he takes his frustrations out on Daniel.

I have to say, I love Daniel he is strong and fiercely protective of his friends and mother, yet despite that he recognises in Luke what he has seen so many times in others that have been affected by PTSD and instead of his Soldier stepping in we see the compassionate empathy in the man that has an overwhelming need to protect, he sees that behind the angry facade is the lost boy who really needs comfort and understanding and Luke can feel that emanating from Daniel, yet he is unable to let go of the painful memories that the Town still hold for him. We slowly see Luke let down the guard he has on his emotions and for the first time he is happy and at ease with himself and Daniels friends, and now, they have two weeks together that neither wants to come to and end.

At first I found Luke very weak and insecure, he kept turning to his ex lover for support which was irritating the hell out of me, but really, Luke was alone in the world and despite the fact that Zach had cheated on him when it came down to the basics they had really just been friends who should never have taken the step to lovers… and I grew to love Zach, even though it was only ever in telephone conversations he was both funny and only too aware of Luke’s insecurities. He is definitely a character I would like to re-visit.

I loved this second instalment to the series and I am thoroughly enjoying my visits to Ellery… as we move along we get to know more about the town and the people who live there and I am thrilled that there will now be six books in the series. Next up is Kieran the Carpenter and so far he seems like an adorable character and a bit of a joker and I can’t wait.

Ellery Mountain Series

#1 - The Fireman & The Cop
#2 - The Teacher & The Soldier
#3 - The Carpenter & The Actor
#4 - The Doctor & The Bad Boy
#5 - The Writer & The Paramedic
#6 - The Barman & The SEAL

If you pre-order the books from Total-E-Bound you can download and read a month before the official release.

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